Saturday, 16 January 2010

Still alive!

Just to let the poor people that might still be checking for updates on my blog know that I am indeed still alive and well!
Also I will soon be back to normal life and will then update my jewellery blog again.

Infact I have been getting some brilliant jewellery ideas on this trip and can´t wait to turn them into jewellery pieces and show them to you all.

As for my site I´ve checked it and notice loads of companys try to get cheap commercial by posting comments on my blog posts. Anyways I think thats appalling! I would never do that to an individual. Also I was wondering if fellow bloggers out there have had the same problem?

Other then that everything is better then well, and I wish I could keep travelling. Sadly I need to make some more money first, thou I do miss making jewellery so am looking forward to that part of coming ¨home¨.

Also I have not been able to keep up to date with my blog reading either so sorry if I havent commeted in awhile. Soon everything will be back to normal :-)