Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I consider myself an artist. I might not paint or be a photographer but I believe jewellery is an art form.

I was thinking about it thou and I feel that the most amazing art form of all!
Music makes me feel sad when I am...well...sad (and just feel like wallowing in it a bit).
It makes be carry on when things are unbearable.
And it makes me smile when I'm sad (and don't want to wallow in it no more).

Most importantly it make me Happy!
Happy in a way nothing else can. If feel lonely and miserable, music just helps somehow. To be able to create something that can make people feel like that is just extraordinary.

Everything is unstable in life. People we love die or just leave us but all thru history we seem to have been making music. It's constant, and ever changing and reliable. Everything that's contradicting rolled into one.

I've often wondered what would be worst, to go mute so I could never sign again (I always sing along to what I'm listening to, albeit badly) or to go deaf and never be able to hear another tune again.

I think that if I went mute so I would be able to listen to the music and would have to feel that overwhelming desire to sing along but not be able to, that would probably drive me insane eventually. But if I could never hear another song again. Well that might actually kill me!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

HM Revenue...

The inland revenue is driving me nuts! How can something so unorganised be in charge of how much taxes I pay?!
They wont help you no matter how much you keep calling and writing, in fact they just ignore you.

When you have a revenue question and the only way you can get the anwer is by putting the question on Google so you get normal people answering it, well that just seems a bit wrong to me.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


To tired today! Has been a busy wknd.
Which reminds me I need to take of my brightly coloured nailvarnish before going to work tomorrow....
Tried doing some work today but feel to tired. I have done a little bit of jewellery stuff thou. Mainly finishing touched on a couple of pieces and I also started a new project.
Yesterday I was in town and ended up buying some jewellery books that I've want to look thru properly.
But since I was busy all day yesterday and went out in the evening I feel todays efforts wont come to much! Was going to update my website a bit but can't log into it for some reason to change anything.
Oh well atleast the thought where there.
Hope everyone is having a nice wknd!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


I really really need to do some work on my poor neglecter webpage! I just don't know how to get the time! Wont be today thou...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I wonder...

If you know you're insane, does that mean that you're not?
And in that case, does the same thing apply to if you're doing something insane whilst being aware that what you're doing is insane?

Monday, 19 January 2009

More resin...

Just felt I should post a picture of some resin pieces that turned out the way they should, just so you don't all think that it all goes in the bin ;-)
ofcourse these aren't finished pieces, I still have to file them into shape and make them in to actual jewellery pieces. But atleast they are halfway there!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Oh buggery!

Been working all week, when you work and you get home all tired and you still have to do the cooking etc it's hard to keep up with making jewellery. So try to have small jobs that I can either do quickly or easily. This week I've manily been doing resin peices. Been trying mostly to make brooches and it all looked well until I took them out of the moulds. For some reason the bottom layer (which is the front of most pieces) have ended up cloudy on a whole set of pieces.
So nothing to do but throw them away...
If you look closely at the pic you can see the cloudyness I'm on about, especially in the flower and the butterfly!
Luckily not all the pieces I made had to go into the bin, just the once above. I'm still trying to figure out what did it.
I think I either didn't mix the resin properly or mixed up the amounts (I do always seem to use to much hardner). Or it might be the vaselin I put in the mould to stop it from sticking (you are supposed to, I didn't just put some in for the fun of it ;-)).
But I'm already trying again!
I've also bought more glitter today so that all my pieces don't end just looking purple & gold. Also the reason they have so much glitter in them is beacuse I was making brooches and didn't want the brooch pin to be visible thru the pieces.
Oh and just for randomness I added a picture of where I sit at the dinning table making Resin, it's the best ventilated room in the house so it's better to use then when I normally sit. I try to not take up to much space. Oh and yes I am using the hammer that you can see in the background. I'll let you guess what it's for thou.


Look what I finally bought for myself :-)

My own Ipod nano!
Now I just need to buy a speaker system for it and a iphone and a laptop and I will be all gadgety and happy.

But for now I am content sticking with my old Nokia mobile and my shiny new ipod!
I do love my music so the ipod will be well used :-)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Got home around 18.00. Now it's 20.00 and I have had my dinner, done the dishes, and a load of wash.
wooho! How exiting ;-)
But aside from that I've also been making resin jewellery. I'm really getting into using resin. It's such a fun media to work in and you can make such a vide range of things, or just make things look really different.
Today I was making pieces using glitter. They aren't finished yet since I need to add atleast one more resin layer before it's finished, but now I need to wait for it to dry.

Oh how silly of me! For people reading this thinking what the hell is Resin? Well it looks like plastic and you make it yourself. And you can put stuff in it or colour it etc.
I'm still quite new with resin and is mainly just enjoying finding out what I can and what I can't put in it. Also trying to figure out why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Made some really cool necklaces and brooches with it thou.
Hmm will need to take more pics...


I have been given two awardes from other bloggers but as usual I am being a bit slow sorting it out, but here comes the first one:

I was given the this award by Cherridwen on her blog :

Do check it out. Her blog is far more personal then mine, probebly making it way more fun to read. :-)

The rules of the award is you make a link to the person that nominated you (look above), add a pic of the award (also above), and then nominate 7 more people, make links to there pages and inform them you gave them an award.

Now I don't like annoying people so if you're nominated don't feel you have to do this. Especially if you're on of these people that are so funny that you get nominated all the time anyways.

Hang-on: A site for artist especially living in the Berkshire area:
Carrie harris (ninjas and batman eyebrows):

Karin (my sister's site all about her life)

The poisoned apple:

And that's all I could be bothered doing. Atleast for now. :-)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Home sweet home!

Back in England again! Came back yesterday evening, to a very dirty and messy house which seems strange since I cleaned before I left (will strangle "step"-daugter at the wknd).

Back at work today which is a pity but it's still quite nice to be back home I guess (though if I'm completely honest I would't have minded staying in Sweden a bit longer).

Jewellery thing on sat went rubbish! Almost everyone called my sister and cancelled (including my sister) so in the end I only ended up with 3 people. But the 3 people that came where lovely and great fun. But moneyvise I went with a loss since I had arranged sets for 8 people to make jewellery (and only used 3 of those sets) and was hoping to sell some jewellery. But what can you do!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh look it's a new year! How did that happen?

So 2009 is here! I'm kind of exited because I have loads of plans for this year but also worried because you know what they said about the best laid plans.
Things always go wrong! Also time keeps ticking on and I'm not keeping up! But except for this slight hysteria, I am feeling cyked! There is so much to do and look forward to and I just can't wait. Being on holiday and not being able to actually do anything has given me loads of time to plan and work myself up about things I need to do when I get back home.
Anyways just thought I should share...