Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today is a day of....

Jewellery work, craft work and art work!

I'd taken today off work to go for a meeting with the Berkshire Designer Jewellers but annoyingly it got cancelled last minute! The most annoying thing was the fact that since I've taken the day off this week to attend I can't then take another day off in a week or two for when they reschedule it, and it was too late to cancel the holiday. But except for the fact that I will now miss the other meeting it's not that bad. I had already planned to do some work for the craft event I'm planning after the meeting so now I've just decided I will spend the whole day working on that instead.

So today I am planning on making posters to see if I can find more people to take part, and then work on the design for the flyer's using the pictures I got from the people saying yes so far (come on people, more pictures!).
So far I got some brilliant Jewellers (me included), one that's confirmed she's taking part is the lovely Monika who does both paintings and jewellery. Also the wonderful Angela (who sadly doesn't have a web page).
And then it's the amazing Soobird who sells handmade hats (me wants) and fascinators.
I also have another 2 jewellers and a painter who are still making up their minds.
I believe this means my quota of Jewellery designers are well and truly filled!
I would really like to get someone that does knitting involved because I believe they would do well at a Christmas craft fair, if my sister Karin didn't live so far away (Sweden) I would ask her.

But I was given a great idea by Soobird on how to find some amazing artists and crafters in Reading so I will start with that today and see if I can find someone how knits and I'd also really like someone who sows (like little dolls and/or bags etc). Someone making cards and prints would also be good...

On a different note I now have a working torch! Yeah! Still getting used to it though since I've had mine for years so suddenly feeling very cranky about having to use a new one, and I appear incapable of figuring out the heat settings ("well mine didn't work like that" etc). Thou I did use it to make a really nice Lapis Lazuli bracelet at the weekend :-) At the moment I am trying to make up a load of stock so I can send it off to get hallmarked and back in time for the craft fair.

Anyways time to get to work!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Christmas Craft Fair

Christmas Craft Fair!

Applications being taken!
Artist and crafters needed for a Christmas fair above the Global Café in Reading on the 27th Of November.
If you are interested please email Lina
Price £20 for a full table with the possibility (depending on interest) for half a table for £10.

Only rule is that what you want to sell have to be made by you!

Friday, 3 September 2010

The weekend is here :-)...

...But I still don't have a working torch :-(