Monday, 25 August 2014

Etsy, here I come?

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK and it’s a grey and wet day here with the rain pouring down. Also it’s gotten cold and turns out my heater has died :( (hoping its just a fuse or something, not that I have a clue how to check), so I'm sitting inside at my computer in a thick jumper and woolly socks where I have ventured into the world of Etsy once again. As it’s been so many years since I used it I am reading up on how to sell on Etsy and wondering if I am able to change the shop name as it doesn't seem to fit me anymore. To much have happened in-between and I feel like my shop name should somehow reflect that.
It feels surprisingly daunting to be looking at Etsy, I mean I never figured out how to make it on there in the first place (not that I spent a lot of effort trying) and used it more to show my stuff whilst selling elsewhere. Trying to make a go of it I am worried I once again won’t be able to figure it out but also because it will be the first place I try since having had an involuntary break and trying to sell anywhere just feels excruciatingly hard. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I'm still making stuff...

just not as much.

I am aware that since 2010 I've made 2 post on here and one of those was very depressing (true but depressing). Which likely also means not many will be reading this (as you'd probably thought I was gone and deleted me, which I completely get), but it still feels nice to write it. And this one is hopefully a bit more upbeat :)

Since my last post I've done a bit of jewellery, not a lot but at least some. My RA is going up and down but my fingers seems to be faring fairly well (knees, wrists and ankles are the main issue these days but still a lot better). I had as I was worried forgotten a lot of what I learned so not as smooth as I used to be but hoping it will come back as I go on. Also life & work has been taking up a lot of my time (I'm a bit of a workaholic) so the jewellery making has fallen to the wayside a lot due to that, which is bad but at least I'm honest. However it looks like my team might not have a job soon which is making me think about the stuff I want to do outside of work which I've been neglecting, and obviously making jewellery is a big one of those.

On the jewellery and family front I've found out that as well as my travelling great grandfather KnivKalle (text in Swedish) who I've known of all my life, I also have a closer (and alive) relative, an Uncle who makes a living out of making jewellery together with his missus. The are both exceptionally good and incredibly lovely and I'm very happy I've gotten to met them  :) As a jewellery maker without close friends that make jewellery its nice to have someone to talk to and they are very supportive. Also I guess this means Jewellery making really does run in the family... 

Anyway, my current plan is to give jewellery making a go again as I haven't tried to sell any of the pieces I've made since I got sick but just been giving them to friends. I don't have anything I've made recently to show but I do have some bits I'm working on to show I'm not lying.

I'll try to stick to it whilst I can (hopefully for years to come) and not get too frustrated when I fail and also figure out where to try and sell (start with Etsy I think). And I shall attempt to update my blog more than twice a year, thou I know even twice a year would be an improvement :)