Thursday, 24 March 2016

Jewellery Photography

When I did the 100 day goal last year I asked the group for feedback on the photos on my Etsy page. I love doing my pictures with nature backgrounds but seeing most jewellery is photographed against a white background was worried that whilst I thought it suited it might not be seen that way by others. Luckily the generally consensus was that people really liked the backgrounds (thought I was told to be careful not to use colours which overpowered the pieces). I did however also get some other fab feedback from a buyers point of view asking that I included a picture of the piece in the box it will arrive in and one of it being worn so they can imagine what it will look like. I've therefore enlisted one of my beautiful stepdaughters as my model and keep making her model my jewellery whenever she happens to come home to visit (which sadly isn't so often) and obviously if the weather allows (which also isn't very often)

I even got a couple done whilst in Sweden (thought I for some reason didn't bring all my pieces with me, which I blame the stress beforehand for). 

I think she got feed up fairly quickly when we did it in Sweden, after all there are more fun things to do than to stand around taking pictures of jewellery in the snow. 

Atleast the last time it was nice and sunny outside so a lot more fun. 

I also found out that my other stepdaughter is an amazing photographer, I'm quite good at setting the scene but no so much with the actual workings of a camera and how to make it do what I want, like focus (if my dad realised he would be very disappointed) , she on the other hand gets beautiful sharp pictures so I might need to convince her to take over the photography for me with me just setting them up (and then I can share some of her pictures with you) :)

Sunday, 20 March 2016

I'm back! Well, sort of :)

Sorry for going quiet (yet again) but life decided to do a number on me (doesn't it always) so blogging fell completely to the wayside, and in some parts my jewellery has also had to pay the price.

I did do some Christmas markets but then ended up with some house issues (where I rent changed owners) and ended up having to not do more markets and then it was home to Sweden for Christmas and New Years which was lovely, but horrible timing. 

Original house issue was a big increase in rent which due to my storage also increasing in price meant I had to take on more hours at work from January (working full time which haven't left much time for jewellery making) and get rid of my storage. To start it was just due to be until end of March however now it looks like the new owner is planning to throw us all out (I rent a room in a house) so I will need to find a new place to rent. Therefore when asked if I could go up to 8 hours 4 days a week from April until August I (after endless hours of thinking, fretting and discussing with my partner) said yes.

Due to finishing the work I originally did overtime for and Easter coming up I will get a couple of extra days off before I start the extra time again in April so besides the bits I have to do (hang out with family) I am looking forward on catching up on all things jewellery related. Thought there will likely also be a lot of house viewing which does dampen my enthusiasm slightly.

I was very stressed about it all especially as it's really hard to rent an unfurnished room in this area, but am now feeling a lot more chilled out about the whole thing. I think in part due to my partner who is being very supportive and my wonderful work colleagues who all make me feel that things will be OK (and in fact could be far worse) and the rest is likely just due to not being able to be that worried about something for so long without having a nervous breakdown, hence my brain has just gone 'that's enough'. I will try to update once I got a new place