Sunday, 30 November 2008


Decided to post some pics of recent creations! Since Xmas is coming I am putting more stuff up on Etsy plus getting stuff ready for Xmas fair.

This is just a bracelet using fresh water pearls, pink and cream. Nothing complicated but very pretty (at least I think so)

This is another bracelet but with blue Sandstone or Goldstone depending on what name you use. It's a lab created gemstone and thou you can't see it in this picture the stones glisten with little sparkles inside.

I really like this one but the pic came out rubbish! It's a silver pendant. I've textured the silver and added bits of gold then done a setting with a Lapis Lazuli.

And I really like this one, plus the pic came out better. It's completely unique because you can't really make exact copies of this. It's a silver pendant base (that I of course made myself) and then lots of pieces of silver melted on top and into the silver base. I guess it's very much a "depending on you're kind of taste" item but it's definitely to my taste (which I assume makes sense since I made it).


Have had a rubbish weekend! Was my B-day on Thursday and I was supposed to celebrate this weekend but instead I've been in bed since Friday with some evil stomach bug. Got a xmas fair next Sunday so have loads to do but instead I've been spending the weekend throwing up! Sorry if that gives u any bad imagery but trust me the reality of it is way worse.
Tomorrow is back to my temp job, which I am starting to Hate, capital H very much intended! If they ask me to come back next year I am saying no. I don't care about credit crunch and paying bills. That place will be the death of me. I am being trained to be on the phone calling people all the day. I used the word trained loosely since the girl training me for some reason hates me! Now I couldn't care less that she hates me but it doesn't do much for my training when I can't ask questions and keeps getting told of for saying things I apparently not allowed to. I work for a accident claims company so have to call up people that's been in accidents all day and ask questions about said accident. Due to legal reasons I need to be careful with what I say but they don't seem to have a handbook and the girl that hates me wont tell me what I cant say until I actually say it and then tell me off (whilst making sure everyone gets told that I screwed up!). I am trying very very hard to not lose my temper and tell her to go to hell, because after all I'm not planning or staying or anything and to start an argument just seems silly. The thing is everybody else is lovely! But what can you do, will just have to keep telling myself that she's just cranky for working on minimal wage! But she's definitely being a cow! And I have been known to lose my temper with people like that so will have to see how it goes. At least I don't have to worry about being fired ;-) She's not the only reason I wouldn't stay thou. Minimal wage really isen't my thing at this age and I hate being on the phone all day. To me that just isn't a job. So this job is a mayor no no. Hope I find something good at the start of the new year.

Monday, 17 November 2008

All work and no play makes Lina a busy girl!

I'm at work for yet another week! Turns out I'm so good that they created a non existing job for me. Yay!

But I still hate it...

Well Hate is probably to strong a work, generally dislike sound better. I mean the hours are OK and the people too but the actually stuff I get to do is so boring that I feel like standing up and screaming.
I am so just doing this job for the money (the not very good money but oh well). I know that might sound crass but that's a good enough reason for me at least for the time being.
Not that I will be able to stay there very long unless things get slighly more exciting, money can only cover so much.

On the jewellery front I have just succeeded in getting a booking for a Xmas fair in the beginning of next month. So I'm busy making stock. Have a couple of other things up my sleeve to so will see how they go to. But I will report back!

At the moment I am trying to decide about Xmas. Should I spend it here or in Sweden. It would be cheaper to stay here but would be nice to be somewhere Christmasy for Xmas, and it has been a couple of years since I spent Xmas at home. So will have to see...

Now I should really go to bed but busy with jewellery (and yes with writing blog).

So over and out!

Picture of my most favorite house in the hole world! This house was built by my granddad and that's where I stay when I go home. Unless one of my siblings have already stolen it in which case I sleep in the main house (my parents house). But I much rather stay in granddads house. Especially since I don't even have my own room anymore in the big house (they knocked down the wall to my bedroom). Isn't it pretty thought!

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Oh yay I have work tomorrow and all of next week!
I am bit disappointed in how they called me just before 6pm to see if I could start work tomorrow at 9am. I mean a bit more waning would have been nice! If someone had gone sick I could see it but it's actually a holiday coverage.
Both looking forward to it and not, like I said more notice would have been appreciated, so I could get used to the idea, after all I am really enjoying this whole not working thing.
Plus since i haven't gone to bed before 4 in the morning all week I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.
Oh well, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Lazy lazy lazy

I think I am enjoying this being out of a job just a little bit to much. The last couple of days I've been up til 4 in the morning because... well because I can!
Not that I've been terribly lazy in the morning I've still been getting up at 10 which is about as late as I will get up.
I've been to a couple of agencies and I'm not to fussed about what they find me but it's not so many jobs out there so we'll see. Also I've been looking for jobs on the web but haven't really found anything interesting. I'm not worried or anything it's not like I can't afford to be off for awhile I just feel slightly guilty about being lazy!
But all things aside I'm not being that lazy! I've been seeing people that I haven't seen for ages, making jewellery and even been to some meetings that's led to me having some exhibitions next year. In fact I made a pendant I really like the other day. I need to take pics of the stuff I made but it's too gray outside...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I am sooo tired today. Didn't go 'til bed until after 4 in the morning and and I just got up (10am).
I always used to be a night person but work hasn't permited it lately, at the moment that doesn't matter so I can stay up late.
I like working while everyone else is asleep. But sadly I can't sleep the day away just because I went to bed late, got things to do, people to see etc etc
That coffee better hurry up!