Thursday, 13 April 2017

New Design

Going through old blog posts I realised I haven't posted any straight forward jewellery pictures for ages so thought I better rectify this. My pendant design developed last year when I got hold of some square wire and I saw what beautiful designs I could make with it, currently preferring it over the round wire. I have since made a range of pendants using the same general idea. The top one is my first design using the square wire and I do love it. As you can see it's similar to my necklace design for Reading Arts Week but with the different wire shape. Because I am so slow with taking pictures and writing product descriptions I've only just posted this on Etsy

This second pendant was a custom design for a friend. She had this beautiful carved Lapis Lazuli which was just lying about and wanted me to make it into jewellery so it could be seen more and she had seen my other Lapis pendant and liked the design, however wanted something slightly different and a pendant rather than necklace. She left the design completely up to me and was very happy with the result. I must admit I love the carved Lapis and wish I could get my hands on some to use in my jewellery pieces.

I've since also made the pendant I posted previously for my Step daughter as well as a more delicate pendant using two smaller gemstones (Carnelian & Lapis Lazuli) with a more simple design on the actual setting. Trying to catch up with listings this one recently also got added to my Etsy

I am currently working on another one, this time with a large Rose Quartz (same sort of stone size as the Sodalite) but having an issue with the setting which I just need to rectify to finish it off. Planning to do so this Easter break, maybe if I have the time, starting today. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Birthday Present

Last year one of my step daughters asked for me to make her a piece of jewellery for her birthday. So I made her a Sterling Silver & Sodalite pendant with a pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings. I didn't have much time to finish it so wasn't able to take any pictures before giving it to her but my youngest step daughter (who I mentioned is an awesome photographer) took this and sent it to me. 

Isn't the pattern in the stone amazing?! It's a piece of art all in itself, which is why I love gemstones so much.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

New year

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone out there :) I hope the new year will be better than the last (or as good if you had a great 2016).

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions so haven't made any of those, however I have signed up for the 100 Day goal again. I realised that I never mentioned if I reached it last time, which I sort of did (I reached it a couple of days after the official 100 days had past but did indeed reach it). This time I have decided to work on my marketing skills as I am aware it's by far my weakest skill (read nonexistent). One issue is that the goal is supposed to be quantifiable (i.e I will sell this much or approach these many, or book these many etc)  and I can't think of a way to make me improving my marketing skill quantifiable? 

As a first step I have booked onto a Start Up show in London on Saturday which looks really interesting and is only £10. Some of the speakers cover marketing which is perfect. I must admit that I am quite excited.

Another update is that I have in fact moved and am currently renting a house with a friend at least until October this year. This place also has some attic space which I am using as a workroom and as I am finally back to working part time I am hoping this finally means I can focus on my jewellery.

So in answer to my title, definitely a new year but still the same old me, however currently maybe a bit less stressed than I was previously. Lets hope it stays that way!