Saturday, 4 July 2015

Reading Arts Week

This week has been very busy and also very hot, like extremely hot for the UK. I'm trying really hard to not complain as we don't really get enough sun and it's nice to have some, but when you are as pale as me and suffer from RA, extreme heat is not your friend. Reason I've been busy is because I only came back from Sweden on Sunday and due to having a late flight and Sunday buses being few and far in between I wasn't in bed until around 1am and then had to be at work in the morning. Following that I have been (and am until tomorrow afternoon) in the Reading Arts week exhibition (as mentioned previously) and had the preview to go to Monday evening. Since then I've worked and prepared for Sundays workshop as well as volunteering for one day (Thursday) at the exhibition. Together with seeing family and catching up with friends. In fact I've only just sat down for the evening and I just (well likely 20 min from now as not yet posted this) taken a cake out of the oven which I've baked for tomorrows skill share day. So all in all it's been a good kind of busy. Extra so as I've spent a fair amount of the time on jewellery based things.
I didn't bring a camera to the preview on Monday but popped in to rearrange my pieces on Wednesday so took the chance to take a bunch of pictures of the art being shown which I thought I'd post.