Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Graveyard book

Due to being in the middle of nowhere and far away from my tools and the possibility to make jewellery (except for some small beading pieces that I brought to keep the insanity away) I am finally catching up on my reading. Yesterday I started the Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman. So far so good and I have been dying to read it for months! It's nice to finally have time to read.

etc etc...

So Xmas is finally over and done with :-) Had a nice quit Xmas out here in the middle of nowhere (also known as √Ąppelbo). A proper Xmas with snow!!
I was right about the Ipod though. Must admit I'm a bit miffed that noone bothered getting me one but I've decided to spend some of my hard earned money and buy one for myself when I get back (or buy on here if it's cheaper). I have this annoying thing that I always feel guilty when spending money (MY money I might add) on buying stuff for myself. I spend money paying for everybody and everything but myself and I am adding this to my newyears resolution as something to change.
What's my resolution you ask? Well mind you're own business! Because it's a secret, and no it's nothing lame like I'm going to loose weight or something.
But anyways I'm really enjoying being on holiday and relaxing. Going out in as minute to do a photo shot of my jewellery but I forgot my camera in England so have to use dad's so don't know how that will pan out. Got loads of new ideas for pieces to make but will have to wait until I get back home!
My sister has been givin me tips on how to make people find my blog more, and I do know there is loads I could and should do but I never have the time or energy. Plus I just think it will come with time if anyone is interested and if noone is, I still enjoy writing down whatever I feel like.
Next year is looking promising so far where my jewellery is concerned so I guess things are OK all around.
Oh and I hope everyone that happens to read this has a happy newyears eve! Personally I am going for a quit newyears out here in the sticks! Think I might be getting old... :-)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

All I want for xmas...

I want an ipod nano for Christmas! Only way I can see me getting one is if I buy it for myself!
I wonder who got presents for the fairy godmother?
And no I'm not implying that I'm the fairy godmother. Maybe the fairy godmother in training... ;-)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Going to Sweden next week and my sister has arranged a little jewellery display/selling thing for me. Apparently I'm giving jewellery lessons too, so now I'm thinking wait a minute! What have I signed myself up for? Scary!
But hopefully it will be OK. After all I don't know if anybody will be interested yet, I'll have to call her and find out and then go shop for supplies on Saturday.

As for Xmas I still got some presents left to get but not many. Plus I'm making some bits. Would love to make something for my best friend but we don't really like the same sort of jewellery. I know I make a ring she would like but i don't know her ring size.

As for selling January is looking busier and busier. Found a place in Nottinghill that probably will display my jewellery so will need to make some stock up when I come back from Sweden. And I'm part of an exhibition in April (or was it May?). Will look for more places to display my jewellery in January too.

Need to get through Xmas first thou. I'm looking forward to having a bit of an holiday with plenty of rest to recharge my batteries! But first I need to get through this busy week...

Monday, 15 December 2008

Xmas fairs!

Did a Xmas fair last week (7th) and one this weekend (13th). The one on the 7th went quite well and was pleasant enough. It was only on for 3 hours but I made a nice little profit. The one this weekend was nice enough to do (lovely people) and it was on all day (10.30 - 16.30) but I made nothing!
I was in charge of the mulled wine. And since I would do the wine I didn't have to pay for the table but only pay 20% of the sales otherwise it would have been 20% plus £10. The weather was awful and the place is a bit out of the way which is probably why it wasn't very busy, also since I couldn't watch my own stall people had no one to ask and I did pop in from time to time noticing that the other stall holders thought my table was great to stand in front and chat since I wasn't sitting there (so they where in no ones way) but that also meant no customers could get to it. So it was probably a mix of weather and me not being at the stall that made it so rubbish. But the atmosphere was nice and I wasn't the only one that did really rubbish so will definitely try it again.
And like I said the week before went well. Especially since it was the first time they did it and it's even further out of the way. So that was a nice surprise :-)
Taking my jewellery to Sweden over Xmas to sell so hopefully I will do well then and I already got an exhibition booked for next year (plus I'm deciding on some more at the mom). So I'm being optimistic about my jewellery in the new year :-)

Monday, 1 December 2008


Trying to be productive so I've posted some jewellery on Etsy!
Sold jewellery on EBay before but it's hard to make any money on handmade stuff on EBay because it really is a site for buying cheap mass produced stuff.
Etsy is a lovely website with some absolutely gorgeous handmade stuff.
The only problem is there is sooo MANY people selling handmade stuff on Etsy. So the chance of people seeing just your stuff is a bit like a needle in a haystack, but at least I'm trying. I think if i can get people to see it I will get people to buy cause I think me prices are reasonable enough.
That's my biggest hate when making jewellery by the way, setting prices! I just detest it! it's so hard, but sadly a necessity.
Well lets hope I do OK anyway and that I find a way of making people see my jewellery.

Oh did I say that I bocked tickets home? Well I have. Flying out on the 22nd :-)

Oops! Someone asked how to find my Etsy stuff (Hi Carrie :-)) and I realised It would have been a smart idea to add a link. So doing it now instead!