Sunday, 24 October 2010

Questions questions...

If you want to start up on your own (so to speak) who can you ask or where can you go to find out if you need any certificates such as health and safety and/or insurances?
I mean it's easy enough to just go along with an idea but then you don't want to be buggered because you find out you needed something that you didn't have.
I Know that if I do start my own business idea I need to register and I need public liability but other then that I don't have a clue.
How do I find out?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Christmas Craft Fair

I've just created a Facebook page for the Christmas fair I'm arranging on the 27th of November. It's the first event page I've ever done so still getting the hang of it! If you are interested in seeing what will be for sale etc please check it out and tell your friends too :-)

Christmas Craft Fair

27th of November 2010
All items handmade.
Coffee and cakes for sale.
Come in from the cold and support local artists whilst buying Christmas presents!
Above RISC and the Global Café in Reading

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Today is a day of....

Jewellery work, craft work and art work!

I'd taken today off work to go for a meeting with the Berkshire Designer Jewellers but annoyingly it got cancelled last minute! The most annoying thing was the fact that since I've taken the day off this week to attend I can't then take another day off in a week or two for when they reschedule it, and it was too late to cancel the holiday. But except for the fact that I will now miss the other meeting it's not that bad. I had already planned to do some work for the craft event I'm planning after the meeting so now I've just decided I will spend the whole day working on that instead.

So today I am planning on making posters to see if I can find more people to take part, and then work on the design for the flyer's using the pictures I got from the people saying yes so far (come on people, more pictures!).
So far I got some brilliant Jewellers (me included), one that's confirmed she's taking part is the lovely Monika who does both paintings and jewellery. Also the wonderful Angela (who sadly doesn't have a web page).
And then it's the amazing Soobird who sells handmade hats (me wants) and fascinators.
I also have another 2 jewellers and a painter who are still making up their minds.
I believe this means my quota of Jewellery designers are well and truly filled!
I would really like to get someone that does knitting involved because I believe they would do well at a Christmas craft fair, if my sister Karin didn't live so far away (Sweden) I would ask her.

But I was given a great idea by Soobird on how to find some amazing artists and crafters in Reading so I will start with that today and see if I can find someone how knits and I'd also really like someone who sows (like little dolls and/or bags etc). Someone making cards and prints would also be good...

On a different note I now have a working torch! Yeah! Still getting used to it though since I've had mine for years so suddenly feeling very cranky about having to use a new one, and I appear incapable of figuring out the heat settings ("well mine didn't work like that" etc). Thou I did use it to make a really nice Lapis Lazuli bracelet at the weekend :-) At the moment I am trying to make up a load of stock so I can send it off to get hallmarked and back in time for the craft fair.

Anyways time to get to work!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Christmas Craft Fair

Christmas Craft Fair!

Applications being taken!
Artist and crafters needed for a Christmas fair above the Global Café in Reading on the 27th Of November.
If you are interested please email Lina
Price £20 for a full table with the possibility (depending on interest) for half a table for £10.

Only rule is that what you want to sell have to be made by you!

Friday, 3 September 2010

The weekend is here :-)...

...But I still don't have a working torch :-(

Monday, 30 August 2010

Bloody annoying!

Last week my soldering torch gave up the ghost and I had to buy a new one.
When I went to the shop they were sold out of the one I already had but sold a smaller one. This one according to the box have the same heat etc and is therefore suitable for soldering.
Well OK it does probably have the same heat but the flame is so fine I can only heat up very small items so not very good :-(
So now I will have to wait until next weekend to go see if I can buy another torch with a bigger flame.
Also that means I will spend even more money! Not good :-(

Anyways I decided to not be negative and just do a ring since the size means I should be able to solder it. Then when I've polished it ready for soldering and got it all heated up...the gas ran out!!

OK I know I'm probably being more annoyed then I should be but argh!!!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I wonder if I have bitten of more then I can chew?

I have been thinking for a long time about arranging a place for people to sell there art objects (and mine) but I’ve always chickened out. I mean you have to hire somewhere and get posters and flyers done. Then you have to find people to take part so you pay for the cost of renting somewhere then you have to make sure you get people to come (because can you imagine how horrible it would be if no one showed up?).
And I guess that I’m mainly worried I would screw it up.

Now I am the most organised person that I know (especially when I put my mind to it) and I believe I know a lot of people in Reading, but it’s still scary.But then what’s the point if I don’t do it? I mean isn’t that at least ten times worse then if I do it and it goes badly, because otherwise I will always be thinking what if…

So I’ve looked into it and even reserved somewhere and on Tuesday I have to give a definite answer and sign myself up (or not).

So if I do and whoever reads this lives in or around Reading, you better come along and have a look or I will be miffed!

As it stands the plan is:

Place: Above the Global Café in Reading
Date: 27 November (which just happens to be my birthday too).
For sale: All things handmade!

If you make stuff and think you might want to take part let me know and I’ll send you details.

I just hope I am making the right decision!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Do you make stuff? Then look here!!!!

Hi all,

I am trying to sort out a handmade event for the beginning of December.
So if you are interested in renting a table at this event in Reading please let me know. I doesn't matter what you make, the only rule is that it has to be handmade.

At the moment things are still quite sketchy. I do have a venue in mind but need to see if I can get enough people interested to be able to meet the costs.
The cost looks to roughly be £20 per person but depends on how many people I can get interested in the idea. This fee will pay for the venue (and a table if you need it) as well as flyer's and posters.

If you are a painter I also have a lot of wall space so am considering renting out the wall space too (if you aren't interested in a table) If you are an artist that want wall space as well as having a table there let me know.

So if you might be interested and want me to keep you in the loop please send an email to:

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Look what I made!

My torch died! It's now as dead as a dodo. Which is obviously causing problems on the jewellery making side of things. At the moment I am completely broke but I can't manage without a torch so will need to buy one at the weekend (or order one if nowhere around here sells them).
But in the absence of jewellery making torch I've done a new tiara instead as well as used shrink plastic for the first time.
And if you want to see the outcome, here is the Tiara:

Ans here is the shrink plastic (it's a broach)

Sorry about the crappy pictures but it's like ten at night and I'm sitting by my computer desk.

On all other fronts life is slowly ticking along and quite nicely at that. I got a couple of ideas but don't know if they will bear fruit yet. Might share when I'm not so tired.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Etsy sellers

Etsy is an American website that sells handmade or vintage items. There is so many stunning things on there at all times and I do encourage you to have a look. It doesn't matter if you aren't American since it's now spread all over the world.

When I was in Seattle I meet one of the sellers on Etsy and she even gave me a purse she'd made (it's both pretty and nifty), and today I noticed these...

...absolutely gorgeous brooches that she has posted on there so just had to do a link on my blog:
Ziggybaby On Etsy

Friday, 26 March 2010


I am planning on updating my jewellery webpage.
I would appreciate some volunters that could check it afterwards and give me their honest opinion on things such as layout, easy or hard to navigate and quality of pictures (not clear enough, to much coulour in the background etc).
Anybody feel up to it?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


This is my first attempt at a tiara.

It's quite pretty looking but definitely need improvement.
Also I'm sorry pics are a bit crap but I only took them real quickly.

I think next time there should be more beads.
The ones I used on this one are only cheap plastic beads, thou I am planning on buying some Czech crystal beads. I just don't want to waste them on my practice tiaras.

I think I know how to improve it thou so the next one should be better.

Also I have this actually design idea in my head for a proper silver crown. I'm not sure if the time and money it would take for me to make it, makes it worth me doing it in the first place. Then again seeing the ridiculous retail price on Tiaras I guess it really wouldn't seem that expensive when comparing.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The emperors new clothes

Do you ever get this feeling that you are stuck in a new adaptation of the emperors new clothes? I do!
Sometimes I look at modern art, such as 2 pieces of plastic melted together to create a brooch and I just don’t get it. It seems the stranger and out there art is the more raving reviews it will get from the critics, winning more prices and being rewarded with more exhibition space, with everyone quickly agreeing as if they are afraid to say “but It’s just 2 pieces of plastic melted together, what’s the beauty in that?

Now I know taste is a very individual thing and maybe it is just a taste thing and I am being unnecessarily harsh but to me it just seems like people are afraid that other “art lovers” will think they aren’t “with it” because they can’t see the “hidden msg” or “soul” of the item being reviewed. So like the emperor and all the people around him they pretend to see the clothes and the splendour of them rather then stop and say “but I don’t get it? Why is that beautiful and what is it supposed to mean?

Well I don’t have an issue doing that since I don’t really give a damn if everyone thinks I don’t get it.
Because do you know what? I really DON’T get it!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Recyclable Jewellery

Usually I'm not very fond of jewellery and clothes made from recycled material. Mainly because it looks like it's made from recyclable material which to me defeats the point of showing how great it is to reuse.

But when I saw Val Hunt's jewellery and clothing made out of bags, ring pulls and cans I was seriously impressed.

I mean just look at that necklace made out of cans....

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Oakford Social Club Art Market

The art market at The Oakford went really well this week. I only sold 2 pices but 1 was my most expensive piece that I didn't think would sell there. The other piece was my lates design bracelet.

I am starting a new job tomorrow and moving on saturday. Moving means I will be able to start making jewellery again since I haven't had any space since I got back to work in. And getting a job should mean some more money. Also I still have weekends off so will be able to keep doing the art market on Sundays.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Oakford Social Club 07/02/2010 Art Market

I will be at the Oakford Social Club this Sunday selling my jewellery if anyone is interested.
Since I only just got back I haven't got that man new items, but luckily I still had some pieces left from before I went.

I also realised when adding pics that I have loads of pieces that it seems I never have taken any pic of, I will need to correct that soon.

Art market starts at noon.
Location: The Oakford Social Club, 53 Blagrave Street, Reading, RG1 1PZ‎ - 0118 959 4267‎ (opposite the Reading bus/train station)

Also to anyone that makes any kind of art, if you live close to Reading you should come around some Sunday and set up a stall.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Still alive!

Just to let the poor people that might still be checking for updates on my blog know that I am indeed still alive and well!
Also I will soon be back to normal life and will then update my jewellery blog again.

Infact I have been getting some brilliant jewellery ideas on this trip and can´t wait to turn them into jewellery pieces and show them to you all.

As for my site I´ve checked it and notice loads of companys try to get cheap commercial by posting comments on my blog posts. Anyways I think thats appalling! I would never do that to an individual. Also I was wondering if fellow bloggers out there have had the same problem?

Other then that everything is better then well, and I wish I could keep travelling. Sadly I need to make some more money first, thou I do miss making jewellery so am looking forward to that part of coming ¨home¨.

Also I have not been able to keep up to date with my blog reading either so sorry if I havent commeted in awhile. Soon everything will be back to normal :-)