Friday, 26 December 2014

The season to be jolly!

I am as briefly mentioned in Sweden for the holidays. Christmas is done and dusted and is being followed by Birthday celebrations (not mine) and will then, I assume, flow into New Year’s celebrations next week. However whilst I am a huge fan of Christmas the New Year generally gets ushered in by watching TV, especially when I’m out here in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend and parents. I’m not complaining as I honestly prefer it that way and I don’t think New Years is a big thing.
As for updates on day to day life I finished work on the 5 Dec and I got 4 day a week temp job starting on the 6 Jan which was confirmed whilst I was in Sweden (nice Christmas present) which means I’ll at least get some time to work on my jewellery on the side. That is part of the final plan I decided on, to find a part time job (however preferably 3 days a week) and try to make something of my dreams. It will be very hard to cut down on my income like that but if I don’t try this now I never will and I feel I would regret not trying far more than I would trying and failing.  I plan to give it a year to find out if its viable or not, thou I’m guessing it will take more than that to actually make any profit but hoping I should know by then if its likely to work or not.

But the main reason for this blog post is that I wanted to share a picture of the present I made for my dad. My granddad was very handy and used to make all sorts of pretty things. One of my favorites is rocking chairs he made from beer cans so that’s what I wanted to make. However I realised when starting that a: beer cans used to be wider, b: the metal used to be thicker and finally c: the bottom used to be flat but is now domed. The thing causing the biggest issue was b: the metal used to be thicker, as it made the chair flimsier. So whilst I am relatively proud of the outcome I do wish I had some old cans to work with.

I enjoyed making something other than jewellery as there are other things I'd like to move into that would generally also be larger so doing this felt useful. Also more importantly it felt nice to make something based on my grandfathers designs :)