Saturday, 30 August 2008

silver polisher!

Think my silver polisher might have died meanng I will have to buy a new one and I really can't afford to at the moment.
Having a bad week jewellery vise. Been waiting for some pieces to get back from hallmarking. I really need them to finish off my portfolio, meaning I haven't been able to send in my portfolio anywhere or go to either Eton or London to hand them in :-( So this week has been a big waste plus now when I do get the pieces back I can't polish them so then I still can't use them. Buhu for me!!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

At the moment I'm really into Lykke Li. I love how she mixes her singing with her dancing.
My favorite song so far is I'm good I'm gone. The lyrics are brilliant and I really like the video.
In fact her whole album youth novel is great! :-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Thought that since I can't sleep I might as well post some pics from my exhibition. There isn't that many pics though. I gave the camera to my boyfriend and I don't think he got the point. He hardly took any and when I asked him why he said it was because he couldn't see me or the table for all the people.
That's the whole point!! You want pictures of the customers and the more the better.
But by the time I realised he hadn't taken any it was a bit to late so I only got some from the end of the day plus the one's he took of me and the table when noone was around! Plus he took some nice pictures of the buildings where the exhibit were.

This is a picture of the building I was in

This is a picture of the opposite buildings where there also were different exhibits.

And this is a piture of the celing in the room I was in.

The buildings were really old so the had lovely wallpaintings and hangings.

Now for some pictures of people admiring (and buying) my jewellery :-)

And one of just me and my table :-)

I'm afraid that's it. Like I said I didn't get that many pictures :-(

The exhibition did go really well thou. Apparently they had a record amount of people attend the day it was advertised that I was coming! I know that might just have been a coincidence but it's nice to think that it wasn't. :-)

Today I...

Made some business cards and watched episodes of Grey's anatomy (one of my favorite programs). Then I cleaned a bit and cooked dinner. All very mundane stuff. I was hoping that some silver that I sent for marking would come back today because I really need them for something. But no luck so I really hope they get here tomorrow, because otherwise this week will be a bit of a waste, atleast on the jewellery front!

The only really fun thing I did today was go and play african drums. It was my fist time and it was loads of fun! Me and the boyfriend went. I think it went OK. Don't think I can make it next week thou because I'm working :-(
If I'm not working late I will definitly go thou, it was nice doing something that wasnt either jewellery or boring work related. Only problem is that now I'm wide awake and it's almost midnight! Good thing I'm of tomorrow.
Off work until monday now so that's nice, but as I said not getting my silver back is ruining it a bit for me since I need the pieces for something.
Well, shall think of something else to do now!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Work course

Today (on my day off) I have to go to work and do a CV course.
Because we are all being made redundant (unless we fancy moving halfways across the country to the new depo) work is paying for us to do a CV course plus we get paid for being at work on that day (only normal pay, not overtime, but still not bad). So now I have to goand sit thru 8 hours at work *urgh*
I don't have to take the course but I've been told it's good, plus I really hope the can help me with the grade section on my CV. Because all my grades are from Sweden I don't know how to explain the equivalent to the English grades on my CV. Asked loads of people but noone seems able to help.
If it wasn't for that I probebly wouldn't go, especially since I started making a pendant yesterday and want to finish it.
I might not apply for a job, I guess it depends on how well my jewellery is going. I'm quite into the idea of getting a job at a gallery somewhere but I don't think they pay very well. I mean my job can be boring (admin) but I am really good at it and it pays well so if I could find an admin job where I have decent working hours I should probebly go for it. I only need a job until Januari anyway so guess I should just take whatever pays best no matter what the hours are like.
Well time to go!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Working on my webpage is driving me mad!

So finally I have finished updating my webpage, changing all the pages and pics etc. I'm quite happy with the result. Only problem is I really wanted to add paypal shopping cart and it's not working :-(
I've figured out how to create the buttons and put them on the page, that was simple enough but how the hell do I change the quantities? I mean some pieces I do more then 1 off but most pieces are limited and some are unique. Why can't I say how many that's available to buy like you do on places like etsy or even ebay. I mean shouldn't paypal be capable of regulating how many is left of something? If anybody knows how to fix this problem PLEEEEESE tell me because otherwise all my hardwork just wasted :-(

Monday, 11 August 2008


Today I spent all day working on my webpage. I've taken about 400 new pics of my jewellery and last wek I went thru them all, picked the once I liked and cut them to shape. And today I was just finishig off my webpage makng sure all the links worked and updating my pages as well as adding some new stuff. All was going well until my computer crashed!!! Luckily most stuff was saved but not approx the last 30 min off work that I've done.
You see the webpage is good but the upploading tool they supply for your pictures takes ages when you are adding them to the page. Really want to finish it all thou because it's driving me mad!! I never thought redesigning it would be this time consuming.
i had someone else taking care of it for me before but realised i like doing it all myself. I mean it's hard work but atleast people know they are talking to me rather then someone that dosen't care.
I hate that my mates are moaning at me because I haven't had any time for them lately. I mean it is for a good reason and it's not like they never let me down!
It's just so much to do at the moment. I quit my job at the end of september and moving in october and I haven't got a new job or a new place to live yet! And I really want to work more on my jewellery.
I'm not worried about work thou, I'm a really hard working person and I haven't been out of a job since I finished college so I will find something but I should really decide about were I'm moving to.
Then again got some other things on the go to that I haven't told my family about yet so I'm definitly busy busy busy!
Not that I mind all that much. I like keeping busy :-)
Right will try to see if web thingy is working now so I can finish the bloody thing before I go to bed.
Thought I might post pics from my jewellery exhibion here. Don't know if it's interesting or what...
Well I'll think about it!
Night night


So hello! I have no idea how many people will find this and if the one's that do will find it even slightly interesting.
I'm not new to blogging since I've blogged at other places but that have mostly been posts about normal day to day stuff and never really about my jewellery making.
Now a days jewellery is such a big part of my life and since I am starting to worry about boring my friends and partner to death with talk about jewellery realted stuff, like what I've made and how I'm trying to set myself up and how that is going. I thought starting a blog about the passion in my life might give them a well deserved rest as well as give me the chance to find people that might actually want to listen.
And if no one is interested well then I guess i'll just be sending it out into the infinite www.
I'm sure normal day to day stuff will sneak into here as well but as you can tell by my blog title jewellery is my main subject.
Well I hope some people will find this interesting and that maybe I will find other interesting jewellery people! :-)