Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Help Needed

So I am trying to name my shop on Etsy but all the obvious things are already taken (and my name is too hard to remember). I am therefore putting the query out there for good shop names. Any ideas?
Thinking something along the lines of mythology, fairy tales or second chances. The first two as its my inspiration for making jewellery and the third as this is my second chance when it comes to jewellery making :) Will likely stretch to fandoms if its one I'm passionate about and the name makes sense. Any ideas are welcome

Here are some I tried already:

Fairytale endings


Monday, 13 October 2014

Quick update

To prove I have no intention of going radio silent again I thought I better do a quick post with some updates.

1: I got an FB page now :) Its called  Lina's Silver Linings but I wont post a link as I've not yet set the name in stone (so not decided on the actual page address).
2: I've applied for one Christmas market and am about to apply for one more. If any are confirmed I will obviously post about it *fingers crossed*
3: I'm looking at returning to Etsy but am cancelling my old account and starting a new one (it felt like a good idea considering my RA hiatus and all).

In other news I've finally been given notice at work (the whole team, not just me) :( so need to decided what on Earth I'm doing next. Hiding in bed and pulling the duvet over my head sadly doesn't seem like an option. I'm hoping this turns out to be a good thing but currently it doesn't really feel likely.