Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Graveyard book

Due to being in the middle of nowhere and far away from my tools and the possibility to make jewellery (except for some small beading pieces that I brought to keep the insanity away) I am finally catching up on my reading. Yesterday I started the Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman. So far so good and I have been dying to read it for months! It's nice to finally have time to read.

etc etc...

So Xmas is finally over and done with :-) Had a nice quit Xmas out here in the middle of nowhere (also known as √Ąppelbo). A proper Xmas with snow!!
I was right about the Ipod though. Must admit I'm a bit miffed that noone bothered getting me one but I've decided to spend some of my hard earned money and buy one for myself when I get back (or buy on here if it's cheaper). I have this annoying thing that I always feel guilty when spending money (MY money I might add) on buying stuff for myself. I spend money paying for everybody and everything but myself and I am adding this to my newyears resolution as something to change.
What's my resolution you ask? Well mind you're own business! Because it's a secret, and no it's nothing lame like I'm going to loose weight or something.
But anyways I'm really enjoying being on holiday and relaxing. Going out in as minute to do a photo shot of my jewellery but I forgot my camera in England so have to use dad's so don't know how that will pan out. Got loads of new ideas for pieces to make but will have to wait until I get back home!
My sister has been givin me tips on how to make people find my blog more, and I do know there is loads I could and should do but I never have the time or energy. Plus I just think it will come with time if anyone is interested and if noone is, I still enjoy writing down whatever I feel like.
Next year is looking promising so far where my jewellery is concerned so I guess things are OK all around.
Oh and I hope everyone that happens to read this has a happy newyears eve! Personally I am going for a quit newyears out here in the sticks! Think I might be getting old... :-)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

All I want for xmas...

I want an ipod nano for Christmas! Only way I can see me getting one is if I buy it for myself!
I wonder who got presents for the fairy godmother?
And no I'm not implying that I'm the fairy godmother. Maybe the fairy godmother in training... ;-)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Going to Sweden next week and my sister has arranged a little jewellery display/selling thing for me. Apparently I'm giving jewellery lessons too, so now I'm thinking wait a minute! What have I signed myself up for? Scary!
But hopefully it will be OK. After all I don't know if anybody will be interested yet, I'll have to call her and find out and then go shop for supplies on Saturday.

As for Xmas I still got some presents left to get but not many. Plus I'm making some bits. Would love to make something for my best friend but we don't really like the same sort of jewellery. I know I make a ring she would like but i don't know her ring size.

As for selling January is looking busier and busier. Found a place in Nottinghill that probably will display my jewellery so will need to make some stock up when I come back from Sweden. And I'm part of an exhibition in April (or was it May?). Will look for more places to display my jewellery in January too.

Need to get through Xmas first thou. I'm looking forward to having a bit of an holiday with plenty of rest to recharge my batteries! But first I need to get through this busy week...

Monday, 15 December 2008

Xmas fairs!

Did a Xmas fair last week (7th) and one this weekend (13th). The one on the 7th went quite well and was pleasant enough. It was only on for 3 hours but I made a nice little profit. The one this weekend was nice enough to do (lovely people) and it was on all day (10.30 - 16.30) but I made nothing!
I was in charge of the mulled wine. And since I would do the wine I didn't have to pay for the table but only pay 20% of the sales otherwise it would have been 20% plus £10. The weather was awful and the place is a bit out of the way which is probably why it wasn't very busy, also since I couldn't watch my own stall people had no one to ask and I did pop in from time to time noticing that the other stall holders thought my table was great to stand in front and chat since I wasn't sitting there (so they where in no ones way) but that also meant no customers could get to it. So it was probably a mix of weather and me not being at the stall that made it so rubbish. But the atmosphere was nice and I wasn't the only one that did really rubbish so will definitely try it again.
And like I said the week before went well. Especially since it was the first time they did it and it's even further out of the way. So that was a nice surprise :-)
Taking my jewellery to Sweden over Xmas to sell so hopefully I will do well then and I already got an exhibition booked for next year (plus I'm deciding on some more at the mom). So I'm being optimistic about my jewellery in the new year :-)

Monday, 1 December 2008


Trying to be productive so I've posted some jewellery on Etsy!
Sold jewellery on EBay before but it's hard to make any money on handmade stuff on EBay because it really is a site for buying cheap mass produced stuff.
Etsy is a lovely website with some absolutely gorgeous handmade stuff.
The only problem is there is sooo MANY people selling handmade stuff on Etsy. So the chance of people seeing just your stuff is a bit like a needle in a haystack, but at least I'm trying. I think if i can get people to see it I will get people to buy cause I think me prices are reasonable enough.
That's my biggest hate when making jewellery by the way, setting prices! I just detest it! it's so hard, but sadly a necessity.
Well lets hope I do OK anyway and that I find a way of making people see my jewellery.

Oh did I say that I bocked tickets home? Well I have. Flying out on the 22nd :-)

Oops! Someone asked how to find my Etsy stuff (Hi Carrie :-)) and I realised It would have been a smart idea to add a link. So doing it now instead!


Sunday, 30 November 2008


Decided to post some pics of recent creations! Since Xmas is coming I am putting more stuff up on Etsy plus getting stuff ready for Xmas fair.

This is just a bracelet using fresh water pearls, pink and cream. Nothing complicated but very pretty (at least I think so)

This is another bracelet but with blue Sandstone or Goldstone depending on what name you use. It's a lab created gemstone and thou you can't see it in this picture the stones glisten with little sparkles inside.

I really like this one but the pic came out rubbish! It's a silver pendant. I've textured the silver and added bits of gold then done a setting with a Lapis Lazuli.

And I really like this one, plus the pic came out better. It's completely unique because you can't really make exact copies of this. It's a silver pendant base (that I of course made myself) and then lots of pieces of silver melted on top and into the silver base. I guess it's very much a "depending on you're kind of taste" item but it's definitely to my taste (which I assume makes sense since I made it).


Have had a rubbish weekend! Was my B-day on Thursday and I was supposed to celebrate this weekend but instead I've been in bed since Friday with some evil stomach bug. Got a xmas fair next Sunday so have loads to do but instead I've been spending the weekend throwing up! Sorry if that gives u any bad imagery but trust me the reality of it is way worse.
Tomorrow is back to my temp job, which I am starting to Hate, capital H very much intended! If they ask me to come back next year I am saying no. I don't care about credit crunch and paying bills. That place will be the death of me. I am being trained to be on the phone calling people all the day. I used the word trained loosely since the girl training me for some reason hates me! Now I couldn't care less that she hates me but it doesn't do much for my training when I can't ask questions and keeps getting told of for saying things I apparently not allowed to. I work for a accident claims company so have to call up people that's been in accidents all day and ask questions about said accident. Due to legal reasons I need to be careful with what I say but they don't seem to have a handbook and the girl that hates me wont tell me what I cant say until I actually say it and then tell me off (whilst making sure everyone gets told that I screwed up!). I am trying very very hard to not lose my temper and tell her to go to hell, because after all I'm not planning or staying or anything and to start an argument just seems silly. The thing is everybody else is lovely! But what can you do, will just have to keep telling myself that she's just cranky for working on minimal wage! But she's definitely being a cow! And I have been known to lose my temper with people like that so will have to see how it goes. At least I don't have to worry about being fired ;-) She's not the only reason I wouldn't stay thou. Minimal wage really isen't my thing at this age and I hate being on the phone all day. To me that just isn't a job. So this job is a mayor no no. Hope I find something good at the start of the new year.

Monday, 17 November 2008

All work and no play makes Lina a busy girl!

I'm at work for yet another week! Turns out I'm so good that they created a non existing job for me. Yay!

But I still hate it...

Well Hate is probably to strong a work, generally dislike sound better. I mean the hours are OK and the people too but the actually stuff I get to do is so boring that I feel like standing up and screaming.
I am so just doing this job for the money (the not very good money but oh well). I know that might sound crass but that's a good enough reason for me at least for the time being.
Not that I will be able to stay there very long unless things get slighly more exciting, money can only cover so much.

On the jewellery front I have just succeeded in getting a booking for a Xmas fair in the beginning of next month. So I'm busy making stock. Have a couple of other things up my sleeve to so will see how they go to. But I will report back!

At the moment I am trying to decide about Xmas. Should I spend it here or in Sweden. It would be cheaper to stay here but would be nice to be somewhere Christmasy for Xmas, and it has been a couple of years since I spent Xmas at home. So will have to see...

Now I should really go to bed but busy with jewellery (and yes with writing blog).

So over and out!

Picture of my most favorite house in the hole world! This house was built by my granddad and that's where I stay when I go home. Unless one of my siblings have already stolen it in which case I sleep in the main house (my parents house). But I much rather stay in granddads house. Especially since I don't even have my own room anymore in the big house (they knocked down the wall to my bedroom). Isn't it pretty thought!

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Oh yay I have work tomorrow and all of next week!
I am bit disappointed in how they called me just before 6pm to see if I could start work tomorrow at 9am. I mean a bit more waning would have been nice! If someone had gone sick I could see it but it's actually a holiday coverage.
Both looking forward to it and not, like I said more notice would have been appreciated, so I could get used to the idea, after all I am really enjoying this whole not working thing.
Plus since i haven't gone to bed before 4 in the morning all week I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.
Oh well, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Lazy lazy lazy

I think I am enjoying this being out of a job just a little bit to much. The last couple of days I've been up til 4 in the morning because... well because I can!
Not that I've been terribly lazy in the morning I've still been getting up at 10 which is about as late as I will get up.
I've been to a couple of agencies and I'm not to fussed about what they find me but it's not so many jobs out there so we'll see. Also I've been looking for jobs on the web but haven't really found anything interesting. I'm not worried or anything it's not like I can't afford to be off for awhile I just feel slightly guilty about being lazy!
But all things aside I'm not being that lazy! I've been seeing people that I haven't seen for ages, making jewellery and even been to some meetings that's led to me having some exhibitions next year. In fact I made a pendant I really like the other day. I need to take pics of the stuff I made but it's too gray outside...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I am sooo tired today. Didn't go 'til bed until after 4 in the morning and and I just got up (10am).
I always used to be a night person but work hasn't permited it lately, at the moment that doesn't matter so I can stay up late.
I like working while everyone else is asleep. But sadly I can't sleep the day away just because I went to bed late, got things to do, people to see etc etc
That coffee better hurry up!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

People sometimes surprise me...

I was going thru all my paperwork this weekend. That means boxes and boxes filled with pieces of paper since I'm the kind of person that doesn't throw things away (you never know when you might need it).

Anyways, I found a bunch of letters from people that had seen my pendant that was featured in the magazine Spirit and Destiny in 2003.

Some people just wrote the sweetest
things! It was because I got my pendant featured in that magazine and because of the response I got from people that I decided to start taking some jewellery courses.

It's amazing how much something that a complete stranger does for you can mean! I've decided to see if I have the email address from some of the sweetest people and if I do I will email them and ask them if they would like to receive a free present. Of course it would be great if they bought more stuff from me but that not why I'm doing it, mainly I just want to make someone else's day because they made mine all does years ago if that makes any sense.
I hope they will see it that way thou and don't think I'm just trying to be annoying because I hate spam email and people trying to sell me stuff, don't want them to think that's what I'm doing. It's just very rarely you get something for nothing these days.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


For being a person that makes jewellery and is as interested in gemstones as me I really don't have much interest in diamonds! I do find it amazing that something created by nature can be so beautiful but I just can't get exited about a stone that you can copy by using a piece of cut glass.
Nature makes the most amazing things and I just find other stones more beautiful. I do get the fact that it's amazing how they are created and that they are becoming so rare but I'm just not a diamond kind of girl. I prefer Tanzanite and Sapphire and Rubies and loads of other great stones!
If I ever get married I doubt my ring will be a diamond ring. Then again I can't see myself getting married anytime soon so that's all null and void anyways :-)

Friday, 24 October 2008

When I grow up...

Right, it's time to start thinking about a job and I have decided I want to go for something I actually want. Problem is I don't know what that is, so I decided to go thru my mental list of every job I ever wanted and why I wanted it and see if that leads me anywhere.
And I have no idea why but I decided to do that on here! Not that I think it's all that interesting or anything but please just humour me.
When I was little all I wanted to be was a singer. I was dead intent on this until I was about 13 and my mother told me I was rubbish so I needed to come up with something else (my mother is not one to mince her words). Thing is I still sing, everyday all the time! And it says quite a lot about my now previous workmates that they never had me killed over this because I'm sure it's annoying as hell to listen to.
I did secretly keep dreaming about becoming a singer after my mothers harsh words but I did also come up with a plan B.
Plan B was that I wanted to be a journalist! And not just any kind but a war correspondent. The idea of reporting about a war somewhere whilst actually being there just strikes me as the perfect job. The thing is I grew up in Sweden and to get into journalist school I actually needed to have straight A's in every subject. Sad to say I didn't (nowhere close in fact).
So instead I went for travelling (which I've wanted to do since I was about 5) which is how I ended up here.
After doing some waitressing and stuff here, I started making jewellery and got a decent job as an admin clerk. I discovered that jewellery really was one of my passions in life and also that I was a natural at being an admin clerk.
One day I can hopefully live of being a jewellery designer but at the moment I can't so will need another job to. The thing is I think that even when I can be a jeweller full time I will need to do something else too because I enjoy being bossy and organized. So really what I want is a job where I get to tell people what to do and organise things.
Oh and I want to help. I mean I want to do something useful that actually helps someone so maybe so kind of charity work?
I'm thinking about moving again, maybe to another country this time and as I've already mentioned before I am thinking about travelling for awhile. It would be nice If I could afford to go around the world but it looks more like I might go for a couple of month and travel around America. Maybe I can just split it into parts and do America first?! Who knows!?
*Gah* this is not going anywhere! I don't know what I want to do! I want to make jewellery and travel and write and help people and organize paperwork and be the boss and oh so much stuff! Can't I just be leader of the world?! That would fill all criteria except for the jewellery one but I can do that in my spare time.
*sigh* there just isn't enough hours and years in a lifetime to get all the living I want done into it.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Looks like I might be moving soon. Not sure what's going on with that yet thou. Can't really find somewhere before I get a job again because I doubt anyone will have me!
But I guess that could be interesting.
If I do move it will be a xmas. Which really isen't the nices time of year to be thinking of moving house but what can you do!
Will see what happens and update.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bye bye work!

Last day at work today! It felt really strange. After all I have been working there for the last 5 years!
I think it would have been less strange if the place wasn’t closing down and I was just leaving because I had another job or something, but seeing the place so empty and saying goodbye to everyone was just odd.
I kept altering between feeling sad and ridiculously happy. I mean I am getting some money for being made redundant so if I don’t spend it that will sure come in handy when planning the future!
I just realised that this is kind of the first time ever I’ve had a large sum of money that’s not meant for anything special…how strange!
Don’t worry I am not planning on going spending mad or anything, in fact I’m spending as little as possible until I have a new job.
Yeah yeah I know I should have started looking already but technically I am still employed for another 4 day (which just happens to be my roted days off) so I don’t have to get to stressed about it yet and I have signed up for an agency.
I just feel that this is my chance at getting a job that means something to me, or should I just get one for the money?
Wouldn’t it be great if I could find one that fills both criteria!
But I’m not thinking about that today! Today is a day for feeling a bit sad that I will never see so many people that I have seen almost everyday for the last 5 years and the knowledge that I will miss them…

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I've been off for 3 days and I keep intending to post something but my mind is blank. I can't think of anything even remotly interesting to post about!
Maybe I should write about the dream I had last night because that was interesting and strange! Naa think I'll just go to bed instead.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

World domination

Do you ever get that feeling that if you got to rule the world things would be sooo much better? I do! I keep thinking that if everybody just did what I told them to do things would be so much better.
And yes I know thats bad because I'm all for democracy and so on, but really everything would just be better.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Not fair!!!

Bad day today! Got a rejection from a gallery. Apparently my jewellery was to ethnic looking for them????
Anyway, feeling all sad and miserable now and just want to go to bed and pull the duvet over my head. Don't feel like doing anything! :-(
Going drumming tonight so hopefully that will cheer me up!
But for now I'm gone go and have a nap and hopefully dream of something pleasent.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I've been thinking about making wedding tiaras but find it quite a daunting task for some reason.
I have made a couple of designs for a couple wedding crowns that I would like to make, you know daint little crowns like something out of a grimms fairytale.
I used to love fairytales when I was younger. I remember this relly sweet one about a prinscess with the most beautiful voice that got taken by the trolls. She was so cute in the picture of her with red dungerees and then this little crown on her head!
And once my swedish teacher told me of for saying cinderella went to the ball 3 nights in a row. Well if you read the actually fairytale she did!
And don't get me started on the little mermaid. That one made me cry, and not in a good way. Atleast the Cinderella one has a happy ending!
Anyways Tiaras. Will definitly work on that...

Going for a little trip!

Just realised I have something big that I haven't mentioned. Depending on how things go in the next couple of months I have been planning to go on an around the world trip next year!!
I'm planning to use my redundancy money. If that's not enough then I might just make it an half way around the world trip!

Job hunting!

Should go and hunt for work today since I finish at my old job at the end of this month. I just really don't want to! I guess part of me is hoping for a small miracle meaning I wont have to and can just start doing my jewellery fulltime.
But not yet. Problem is finding a job where I don't just get saturday& sunday off. Maybe a part time job. But right now things are a bit of a mess (not my jewellery, other stuff) so I should problebly go for a fulltime job until I know for sure what's going on.
Sadly this means I have to job hunt...
This shouldn't be so hard because (and yes I know I sound full of myself) I'm damn good at what I do! Now I'm the first to admit being a clerk isn't hard work but there is still different levels of getting by on a job and I am Good! Very good infact! Then again I guess a possible future employer wont know that from just meeting me.
And yes I know that sometimes my spelling leaves more to desire but that's whats Word for ;-)
Plus to be honest I don't check my speeling as much as I should when posting blogs.
I slept late today, got up at 10 when i should have gotten up at 8.30. I feel dead guilty about thart now :-( But I was up late fixing with my new work room. I'm probebly moving soon so it might seem like a bit of a waste doing it now but I really need a workroom and I need it now. Can't wait for it to be finished! So exited!
But yeah, job hunting is next on list *sigh*

Monday, 6 October 2008


Everything is so fragile.
There's so much conflict, so much pain...
you keep waiting for the dust to settle
and then you realise
This is it!
The dust is your life going on.
If happy comes along, that weird underable delight that's actual happy
I think you have to grap it while you can.
You take what you can get, 'cause it's here and then...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Work studio.

Turning one of the bedrooms in my house into a work studio. It's far from ideal but will have to do for now. Esapecially since rent everywhere is so expensive and I can't afford to pay both the rent and pay for somewhere to do my jewellery. Want to move somewhere cheaper but that is also easier said then done. Only problem is that I rent so have to be careful so I don't burn or melt something. Almost makes me want to move home and live in my granddads house because I could soo turn his workshop into a jewellery studio and I would love to work there!
But sadly that means living close to my parents (like on the same yard close) in the village where I grew up and since I have no friends there and could see my self slowly going mad I don't think that's the answer either.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Feel wonky!

Having brain meltdown and suffering from a cold. Bad combination!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Really really cute guy was hitting on me on saturday. Even thou he knows I have a boyfriend (infact boyfriend was there but so drunk he probebly wouldn't have noticed it I started pole dancing), is it wrong of me to me flattered...
Naaa I'm flattered and he his damn cute! But no I didn't do anything I shouldn't.


Artist meeting

Forgot to say about the "meeting" I went to Friday with some other artist. I was worried they would be a bit snobby and say jewellers don't count as artists, especially since I went to a meeting with a group of jewellers that looked as me like I was a leper when I told them I had a job as well "so your not a REAL jewellery designer then" "just a hobby is it".
Talk about snobby! Just because most of them where well of enough due to having husbands that supported them. I mean seriously!!
Oh and some worked as teacher, teaching jewellery designing which also was classed as OK. So I can't get a job as a jewellery teacher, well sooorrry!
As you can tell I wasn't to happy with the outcome! ;-P

Anyways I went to meet this group on Friday and they where...Great! They where really friendly and helpful and I am looking forward to next time. And there I was loosing my hope in artists, well it's all renewed now :-)
I wonder what the weather is like in Sweden right now! I love Autumn back home. Especially warm Autumn days when it's windy with an array of coloured leaves on the ground. Winter on the other hand never was my thing even thou I do like the occasional winter landscape.

Planning on going shopping today but don't have any money...hm I can see that being a bit of a problem ;-)

Plus I am still soo tired all i want to do is go back to bed but I've been really neglective of my friends lately so I really can't cancel on one of them again.
Tomorrow I was supposed to go to Eton but I am giving myself a sleep- in so will have to go next week instead.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Sometimes I wonder if I ever was in an age where I didn't always try to do the right thing?! I mean I was a loud and moody teenager, I had more crap happening to me when I grew up then I'd like to remember but I still always behaved. I didn't sneak out and get drunk when I was 15 and I didn't smoke fags behind the shed thinking it was cool. I'll always been a "take responsibility for your own actions" kind of person. Now this doesn't mean that I haven't made some horrendously bad decisions in my life time because I have (but more about that some other time) but I was always ready to take responsibility for them.

It's amazing how differently people turn out. Some people find me annoying because I am very much a person that practice what I preach while I notice most people are mostly do as I say don't do as I do.

God I'm making myself sound really awful and strict don't I?! Well I'm not strict on other people mostly myself. I just don't understand other people. I don't get how so many people can throw there lives away over crap! And all these people lately (mainly dads for some reason) that kill themselves AND their kids and sometimes even there wife's. How can you get that twisted?

Sorry just felt like rambling a bit. Sometimes I just don't understand people, I do have a tendency to go a bit Hermite like at times. Pay no attention to the mad woman in the corner!

Will make some jewellery now, that usually cheers me up and makes me more friendly towards mankind (or more capabel of pretending). ;-P

Thursday, 25 September 2008

So tomorrow I am going to a cafe to meet a group of artists (after work) and I must admit I'm a bit nervous. I really hope they are nicer then the group of jewellers that i went to meet the other week.
Well guess I will just have to wait and see!
Worst think that happens is that they are horrible! Truthfully i deal really well with awful people I get into a whole "and why should I care what YOU think" mode. It's worse when you don't know what people are actually thinking.
Anyways time for bed, new day tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Butterfly necklace

Finished the resin necklace and got a decent pic of it to so decided to post it :-)

Monday, 22 September 2008

One day my sarcasm will land me in some serious trouble! But then again I very much doubt that will stop me.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Yesterday was good fun but the band got cancelled because the electrics blew so they couldn't play:-(
And today I feel a bit worn because I only got 4 hours sleep. But since it's self inflicted I expect no sympathy.

Oh and I wanted to show a picture of this Resin butterfly I've made. I took some pictures because I'm going to drill some holes in it to make it a necklace and I'm worried it will get ruined so thought I better take some pictures first.The pics didn't come out that well. One side I got good pics of but the other side reflects to much when I try to take a pic of it.it was made in a mould and I used clear resin and then mixed some red into it so it became quite a nice effect.

I only got good pictures of what's supposed to be the front but I think I like the other side more. Sadly since I have no good pic u can't see why, but it's got to do with the colour looking better from the back because it sank to the bottom (which is the front of the butterfly) making it clearer from the back.

And now that I have bored you with pics I will go and get ready because I am going out for dinner tonight.
Tomorrow I am going to London to check if some Galleries might be interested in my stuff so please wish me luck! :-)

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Going out tonight to watch some live music. There are 4 gigs that I know about in town tonight. Most likely I'll go to A.Human because some people from work are going there. Never heard of them before but listened to them on Myspace and they sound good :-).
Only thing is someone is redoing out tiles in our bathroom this wknd so I can see me having an issue with geting a shower before going out :-( How can I doll myself up in such conditions ;-P.

Oh and I missed International talk like a pirate day! What a bummer, I completely forgot about it.

On monday I'm going to London which reminds me, I need to email my cousin and see if she wants to meet up. Gone look at some galleries.

Also work have asked me to stay an extra month at work. I said OK but only if they keep me on the same rota so I still have the time to focus on my jewellery.

Went looking for Brass and Coppar wire today but nowhere seems to sell it! Don't know where to get some.

Oh and now I'm gone go play wth some stuff I made out of resin. Want to see if I can make Jewellery with the stuff!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Worked til 10pm last night and then I went out. I only went to a small place called the Global cafe. They had live music and it was all very nice and civilised. Only problem is my other half woke me up at 06.30 and now I have to go to work for 12 hours. *urgh* sleeepy! :-)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Today I feel accomplished!

With all the things that have gone wrong lately it's really nice when something goes right.
I bought a new silver polisher (even thought I couldn't really afford too) and I finally finished this necklace I've been making!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with some other jewellery makers! That should be fun but I think I will be a bit tired when attending. Having on average five hours sleep every night is getting to me!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

silver polisher!

Think my silver polisher might have died meanng I will have to buy a new one and I really can't afford to at the moment.
Having a bad week jewellery vise. Been waiting for some pieces to get back from hallmarking. I really need them to finish off my portfolio, meaning I haven't been able to send in my portfolio anywhere or go to either Eton or London to hand them in :-( So this week has been a big waste plus now when I do get the pieces back I can't polish them so then I still can't use them. Buhu for me!!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

At the moment I'm really into Lykke Li. I love how she mixes her singing with her dancing.
My favorite song so far is I'm good I'm gone. The lyrics are brilliant and I really like the video.
In fact her whole album youth novel is great! :-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Thought that since I can't sleep I might as well post some pics from my exhibition. There isn't that many pics though. I gave the camera to my boyfriend and I don't think he got the point. He hardly took any and when I asked him why he said it was because he couldn't see me or the table for all the people.
That's the whole point!! You want pictures of the customers and the more the better.
But by the time I realised he hadn't taken any it was a bit to late so I only got some from the end of the day plus the one's he took of me and the table when noone was around! Plus he took some nice pictures of the buildings where the exhibit were.

This is a picture of the building I was in

This is a picture of the opposite buildings where there also were different exhibits.

And this is a piture of the celing in the room I was in.

The buildings were really old so the had lovely wallpaintings and hangings.

Now for some pictures of people admiring (and buying) my jewellery :-)

And one of just me and my table :-)

I'm afraid that's it. Like I said I didn't get that many pictures :-(

The exhibition did go really well thou. Apparently they had a record amount of people attend the day it was advertised that I was coming! I know that might just have been a coincidence but it's nice to think that it wasn't. :-)

Today I...

Made some business cards and watched episodes of Grey's anatomy (one of my favorite programs). Then I cleaned a bit and cooked dinner. All very mundane stuff. I was hoping that some silver that I sent for marking would come back today because I really need them for something. But no luck so I really hope they get here tomorrow, because otherwise this week will be a bit of a waste, atleast on the jewellery front!

The only really fun thing I did today was go and play african drums. It was my fist time and it was loads of fun! Me and the boyfriend went. I think it went OK. Don't think I can make it next week thou because I'm working :-(
If I'm not working late I will definitly go thou, it was nice doing something that wasnt either jewellery or boring work related. Only problem is that now I'm wide awake and it's almost midnight! Good thing I'm of tomorrow.
Off work until monday now so that's nice, but as I said not getting my silver back is ruining it a bit for me since I need the pieces for something.
Well, shall think of something else to do now!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Work course

Today (on my day off) I have to go to work and do a CV course.
Because we are all being made redundant (unless we fancy moving halfways across the country to the new depo) work is paying for us to do a CV course plus we get paid for being at work on that day (only normal pay, not overtime, but still not bad). So now I have to goand sit thru 8 hours at work *urgh*
I don't have to take the course but I've been told it's good, plus I really hope the can help me with the grade section on my CV. Because all my grades are from Sweden I don't know how to explain the equivalent to the English grades on my CV. Asked loads of people but noone seems able to help.
If it wasn't for that I probebly wouldn't go, especially since I started making a pendant yesterday and want to finish it.
I might not apply for a job, I guess it depends on how well my jewellery is going. I'm quite into the idea of getting a job at a gallery somewhere but I don't think they pay very well. I mean my job can be boring (admin) but I am really good at it and it pays well so if I could find an admin job where I have decent working hours I should probebly go for it. I only need a job until Januari anyway so guess I should just take whatever pays best no matter what the hours are like.
Well time to go!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Working on my webpage is driving me mad!

So finally I have finished updating my webpage, changing all the pages and pics etc. I'm quite happy with the result. Only problem is I really wanted to add paypal shopping cart and it's not working :-(
I've figured out how to create the buttons and put them on the page, that was simple enough but how the hell do I change the quantities? I mean some pieces I do more then 1 off but most pieces are limited and some are unique. Why can't I say how many that's available to buy like you do on places like etsy or even ebay. I mean shouldn't paypal be capable of regulating how many is left of something? If anybody knows how to fix this problem PLEEEEESE tell me because otherwise all my hardwork just wasted :-(

Monday, 11 August 2008


Today I spent all day working on my webpage. I've taken about 400 new pics of my jewellery and last wek I went thru them all, picked the once I liked and cut them to shape. And today I was just finishig off my webpage makng sure all the links worked and updating my pages as well as adding some new stuff. All was going well until my computer crashed!!! Luckily most stuff was saved but not approx the last 30 min off work that I've done.
You see the webpage is good but the upploading tool they supply for your pictures takes ages when you are adding them to the page. Really want to finish it all thou because it's driving me mad!! I never thought redesigning it would be this time consuming.
i had someone else taking care of it for me before but realised i like doing it all myself. I mean it's hard work but atleast people know they are talking to me rather then someone that dosen't care.
I hate that my mates are moaning at me because I haven't had any time for them lately. I mean it is for a good reason and it's not like they never let me down!
It's just so much to do at the moment. I quit my job at the end of september and moving in october and I haven't got a new job or a new place to live yet! And I really want to work more on my jewellery.
I'm not worried about work thou, I'm a really hard working person and I haven't been out of a job since I finished college so I will find something but I should really decide about were I'm moving to.
Then again got some other things on the go to that I haven't told my family about yet so I'm definitly busy busy busy!
Not that I mind all that much. I like keeping busy :-)
Right will try to see if web thingy is working now so I can finish the bloody thing before I go to bed.
Thought I might post pics from my jewellery exhibion here. Don't know if it's interesting or what...
Well I'll think about it!
Night night


So hello! I have no idea how many people will find this and if the one's that do will find it even slightly interesting.
I'm not new to blogging since I've blogged at other places but that have mostly been posts about normal day to day stuff and never really about my jewellery making.
Now a days jewellery is such a big part of my life and since I am starting to worry about boring my friends and partner to death with talk about jewellery realted stuff, like what I've made and how I'm trying to set myself up and how that is going. I thought starting a blog about the passion in my life might give them a well deserved rest as well as give me the chance to find people that might actually want to listen.
And if no one is interested well then I guess i'll just be sending it out into the infinite www.
I'm sure normal day to day stuff will sneak into here as well but as you can tell by my blog title jewellery is my main subject.
Well I hope some people will find this interesting and that maybe I will find other interesting jewellery people! :-)