Monday, 22 June 2009


So now there is yet another monday and yet another week at work!
Weekends always feel to short, miss having summer holiday like you did in school. Worked a bit on my jewellery during the weekend. Going home next week. Can't take that much stuff with me hope but will try and sort some kind of beading project out to keep me amused also will bring scetch pad and camera so will hopefully get inspired. If I wasn't so rubbish at scetching I would share some with you, as it stand I might show some photos instead when I get back :-)


Sasha said...

I want to buy new jewellery set. Can any one tell me, which one is papular now a days.

Lina said...

That depends on what you like! beaded jewellery is popular and so is big jewellery. I do some stone necklaces you'd probebly like but I personally prefer stylish to big thou I do sometimes make big pieces. If you're interested I can send some pics to u or if you have something specific in mind let me know and maybe I can make it or if not, recommend someone who can.