Monday, 25 August 2014

Etsy, here I come?

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK and it’s a grey and wet day here with the rain pouring down. Also it’s gotten cold and turns out my heater has died :( (hoping its just a fuse or something, not that I have a clue how to check), so I'm sitting inside at my computer in a thick jumper and woolly socks where I have ventured into the world of Etsy once again. As it’s been so many years since I used it I am reading up on how to sell on Etsy and wondering if I am able to change the shop name as it doesn't seem to fit me anymore. To much have happened in-between and I feel like my shop name should somehow reflect that.
It feels surprisingly daunting to be looking at Etsy, I mean I never figured out how to make it on there in the first place (not that I spent a lot of effort trying) and used it more to show my stuff whilst selling elsewhere. Trying to make a go of it I am worried I once again won’t be able to figure it out but also because it will be the first place I try since having had an involuntary break and trying to sell anywhere just feels excruciatingly hard. 

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