Sunday, 21 June 2015

Those summer nights

Aware I've not been updating for ages but I've not just given up or anything, no indeed, things have been happening. To start with the temp job I started in January which was as a HR Administrator at University of Reading has just turned into a permanent part time job, giving me more time to work on my jewellery. The new shift pattern has only just started so I don't yet know if I can live on the decrease in income but at least I am giving my jewellery a fair shot as I decided I would do this year. The job itself is nice and the team I work with is great so I really hope it will all work out.

Currently I am home in Sweden celebrating Midsummer and trying to get a new jewellery display together to use when selling. My idea is to make it look a bit Scandinavian to show where the inspiration comes from. However finding cloths that are appropriate is harder than I thought. I am also trying to work more on getting myself out there as I've made a lot of new pieces lately but not worked on selling them  or anything so guess I need to move onto that. Being home gives me some time to look at stuff like that (and writing blog posts) so guess that's a good thing :)

To end the post here are some pictures I've taken from down by the river where my parents live and from the midsummer celebrations we had.

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