Saturday, 7 February 2009

Like I promised...

Took some pictures of some of my jewellery today. Some pieces I've posted pictures off on here before but they where really blurry so hopefully these are a bit better. They aren't perfect thou because I couldn't get any good light, I prefer natural light but it's all grey and dull outside.
This is just a silver pendant, but one of my personal favorites.

Butterfly resin necklace with blue and pink glitter. Really girly! I wore it to work one day to see if anyone noticed and the pretty girly girl at my job made a comment about it straight away :-)

Pink and pearl coloured pearl bracelet.
And this is an older version with hematite as well
A red flower resin brooch.
A silver pendant set with four different gemstones.


Karin said...

Fjärilssmycket är verkligen jättegulligt. Och jag gillar även silverhänget på den första bilden.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I really like that one on the bottom. Nice work!

Lina said...

Oh thank you! That's one of my favorites but most poeple don't seem to agree with me. So you've made my day with that. :-)