Monday, 18 May 2009

I know I haven't been posted lately. That's because I've been so busy, mainly working. My jewellery making is suffering too.
Feed up now thou.
It's one thing working for the money but it's so frustrating when you give it your all and completely knacked yourself but get nothing in return.
I've probably said this before but I really miss my old job. At least there I got the feeling people would notice if I suddenly disappeared.
Don't get me wrong, people here are nice and all just not as close as in my old place. And the work and un-appreciation is driving me nuts!
Not that it will matter for that long I guess. Since probably not here in a couple of months. Still will need to cut down on my hours and spend more time doing what makes me happy!

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Karin said...

Usch ja, förstår hur du känner det.