Sunday, 31 May 2009

Resin brooches!

Here are some resin brooches I've done that I could finally take pictures off since I bought both new batteries and a memory card.
Also if anyone knows how to change the white balance on an Olympus camera please let me know!

This one has paper flowers in it. It looks really nice but is really hard to take a decent picture off, no matter how I try it wont show the leaves properly on the picture but it does loo really goo in real life.

A glitter flower and a glitter butterfly

This Butterfly I tried adding colour to and then make it in certain areas so it looked like the colours on an actual butterfly. It went quite well but isn't perfect. I like the paleness of the colours. Also if you turn it around and look at the back the colours are for some reason really vivd there.

And this one is my favorite. I used some bead flowers that I'd bought once becuase they looked pretty, but had no idea what to use them for. The look great inside resin.


Sasha said...

Thanks for share great design.

Lina said...

You're welcome :-) Happy you like them!