Sunday, 26 July 2009


So here are some sketches from my sketch pad. Sadly my artistic side is limited to jewellery, my handwriting is atrocious and my sketches aren't much better!

This pendant is supposed to be similar to one I've already made but with more gold on the front.

AKA this one.

This is also a square pendant but I've been playing with the idea of making a silver pendant with some resin "flowing" thru it as well as some set gemstones.

This idea I like the best but will also be the hardest. Its a silver ring (considering making it in gold) made out of loads of thin pieces shaped in different ways and then adding small gemstones. The sketch is of the ring before shaping it into an actual ring.

This is obviously a heart (one of my few sketched were you can see what I actually intended to make :-)) and the lines running thru it is supposed to be melted gold.


RecreationalArt said...

I do that do! ...make silly doodles that only I understand, but are big projects in my head of my next masterpiece

Lina said...

I guess atleast we don't have to worry that if someone steals our notepads they can steal our ideas because they can't understand them :-)