Sunday, 6 September 2009

On the west front...

Not making as much jewellery as I would like at the moment but that's because I'm just to busy getting ready for my once in a lifetime trip :-)
But when I have had the time I've been making brooches. Took some pics of the once I have at the moment...

I am trying to get as much of my jewellery as possible sold before I go so if you're interested let me know.
The brooches are £8 ($13) and £1.5 postage in the UK. If you live abroad let me know and I will check how much postage would be. I take paypal or cheques.

I've got a couple of shops I want to go to and see if they would be interested in displaying some of my brooches before I go, but need to print a catalogue of the brooches off first and I accidentally kicked the printer over last week and now it generally just coughs at me!

One of the shop I want to try is Moondogs who already display some of my silver jewellery.

Otherwise I am being very busy! Someone at my job is interested in buying 4 ring for her friends. So if she orders I only have until the 18th to make them since I'm moving out on the 19th and inbetween working over 40 hours a week, packing for trip, packing to move etc I am starting to run myself very thin indeed :-)

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