Tuesday, 23 March 2010


This is my first attempt at a tiara.

It's quite pretty looking but definitely need improvement.
Also I'm sorry pics are a bit crap but I only took them real quickly.

I think next time there should be more beads.
The ones I used on this one are only cheap plastic beads, thou I am planning on buying some Czech crystal beads. I just don't want to waste them on my practice tiaras.

I think I know how to improve it thou so the next one should be better.

Also I have this actually design idea in my head for a proper silver crown. I'm not sure if the time and money it would take for me to make it, makes it worth me doing it in the first place. Then again seeing the ridiculous retail price on Tiaras I guess it really wouldn't seem that expensive when comparing.


Babushkadockan said...

Åh vad lyxigt med tiaror! Det skulle jag vilja äga någon gång, trots att jag inte lär gifta mig igen!

Lina said...

Jag kan ta hem några nästa gång så kan du ju lyxa runt i dem ett tag :-)

richard said...


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