Monday, 15 February 2010

The emperors new clothes

Do you ever get this feeling that you are stuck in a new adaptation of the emperors new clothes? I do!
Sometimes I look at modern art, such as 2 pieces of plastic melted together to create a brooch and I just don’t get it. It seems the stranger and out there art is the more raving reviews it will get from the critics, winning more prices and being rewarded with more exhibition space, with everyone quickly agreeing as if they are afraid to say “but It’s just 2 pieces of plastic melted together, what’s the beauty in that?

Now I know taste is a very individual thing and maybe it is just a taste thing and I am being unnecessarily harsh but to me it just seems like people are afraid that other “art lovers” will think they aren’t “with it” because they can’t see the “hidden msg” or “soul” of the item being reviewed. So like the emperor and all the people around him they pretend to see the clothes and the splendour of them rather then stop and say “but I don’t get it? Why is that beautiful and what is it supposed to mean?

Well I don’t have an issue doing that since I don’t really give a damn if everyone thinks I don’t get it.
Because do you know what? I really DON’T get it!

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