Monday, 7 June 2010

Etsy sellers

Etsy is an American website that sells handmade or vintage items. There is so many stunning things on there at all times and I do encourage you to have a look. It doesn't matter if you aren't American since it's now spread all over the world.

When I was in Seattle I meet one of the sellers on Etsy and she even gave me a purse she'd made (it's both pretty and nifty), and today I noticed these...

...absolutely gorgeous brooches that she has posted on there so just had to do a link on my blog:
Ziggybaby On Etsy

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Linda said...

Hej Lina,

Hittade till dig via en blogg;)
Jag driver webshopen sedan juni -09.
Är intresserad av att sälja dina smycken i min webshop då jag hela tiden söker efter unika produkter till min webshop.
Hoppas att det kan vara utav intresse.

Mvh Linda.