Thursday, 19 August 2010

Look what I made!

My torch died! It's now as dead as a dodo. Which is obviously causing problems on the jewellery making side of things. At the moment I am completely broke but I can't manage without a torch so will need to buy one at the weekend (or order one if nowhere around here sells them).
But in the absence of jewellery making torch I've done a new tiara instead as well as used shrink plastic for the first time.
And if you want to see the outcome, here is the Tiara:

Ans here is the shrink plastic (it's a broach)

Sorry about the crappy pictures but it's like ten at night and I'm sitting by my computer desk.

On all other fronts life is slowly ticking along and quite nicely at that. I got a couple of ideas but don't know if they will bear fruit yet. Might share when I'm not so tired.

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