Sunday, 14 September 2014

Shop name, any suggestions?

So I've been thinking more about this whole changing name on Etsy thing, and the more I consider it the more it sounds like a good idea.
I'm not the person I was when I opened the first one and looking at it makes me sad because it was dead for so long. A bit how I stopped wearing my jewellery when I got sick because it reminded me of something I was no longer able to do.
However this now opens a new question - what should I call it?
I could go simple and call it Lina's jewellery or just Lina's. Or as I've been thinking abut changing my surname  - Lina Larsdotter. Or I could go with something completely different like - Second chances, 'Where dreams are made, Jewellery & fairytales,  Hopes & wishes, (To)Bright futures, Better days  or something like that, to hint at things getting better. And also because  its more me.
But I don't know, its a hard decision to make and input would be nice :)

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