Tuesday, 30 December 2008

etc etc...

So Xmas is finally over and done with :-) Had a nice quit Xmas out here in the middle of nowhere (also known as Äppelbo). A proper Xmas with snow!!
I was right about the Ipod though. Must admit I'm a bit miffed that noone bothered getting me one but I've decided to spend some of my hard earned money and buy one for myself when I get back (or buy on here if it's cheaper). I have this annoying thing that I always feel guilty when spending money (MY money I might add) on buying stuff for myself. I spend money paying for everybody and everything but myself and I am adding this to my newyears resolution as something to change.
What's my resolution you ask? Well mind you're own business! Because it's a secret, and no it's nothing lame like I'm going to loose weight or something.
But anyways I'm really enjoying being on holiday and relaxing. Going out in as minute to do a photo shot of my jewellery but I forgot my camera in England so have to use dad's so don't know how that will pan out. Got loads of new ideas for pieces to make but will have to wait until I get back home!
My sister has been givin me tips on how to make people find my blog more, and I do know there is loads I could and should do but I never have the time or energy. Plus I just think it will come with time if anyone is interested and if noone is, I still enjoy writing down whatever I feel like.
Next year is looking promising so far where my jewellery is concerned so I guess things are OK all around.
Oh and I hope everyone that happens to read this has a happy newyears eve! Personally I am going for a quit newyears out here in the sticks! Think I might be getting old... :-)

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