Monday, 15 December 2008

Xmas fairs!

Did a Xmas fair last week (7th) and one this weekend (13th). The one on the 7th went quite well and was pleasant enough. It was only on for 3 hours but I made a nice little profit. The one this weekend was nice enough to do (lovely people) and it was on all day (10.30 - 16.30) but I made nothing!
I was in charge of the mulled wine. And since I would do the wine I didn't have to pay for the table but only pay 20% of the sales otherwise it would have been 20% plus £10. The weather was awful and the place is a bit out of the way which is probably why it wasn't very busy, also since I couldn't watch my own stall people had no one to ask and I did pop in from time to time noticing that the other stall holders thought my table was great to stand in front and chat since I wasn't sitting there (so they where in no ones way) but that also meant no customers could get to it. So it was probably a mix of weather and me not being at the stall that made it so rubbish. But the atmosphere was nice and I wasn't the only one that did really rubbish so will definitely try it again.
And like I said the week before went well. Especially since it was the first time they did it and it's even further out of the way. So that was a nice surprise :-)
Taking my jewellery to Sweden over Xmas to sell so hopefully I will do well then and I already got an exhibition booked for next year (plus I'm deciding on some more at the mom). So I'm being optimistic about my jewellery in the new year :-)

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Karin said...

du ska vara optimistisk när det gäller dina smycken :-) och vi får nog ihop en del till visningen.