Thursday, 18 December 2008

Going to Sweden next week and my sister has arranged a little jewellery display/selling thing for me. Apparently I'm giving jewellery lessons too, so now I'm thinking wait a minute! What have I signed myself up for? Scary!
But hopefully it will be OK. After all I don't know if anybody will be interested yet, I'll have to call her and find out and then go shop for supplies on Saturday.

As for Xmas I still got some presents left to get but not many. Plus I'm making some bits. Would love to make something for my best friend but we don't really like the same sort of jewellery. I know I make a ring she would like but i don't know her ring size.

As for selling January is looking busier and busier. Found a place in Nottinghill that probably will display my jewellery so will need to make some stock up when I come back from Sweden. And I'm part of an exhibition in April (or was it May?). Will look for more places to display my jewellery in January too.

Need to get through Xmas first thou. I'm looking forward to having a bit of an holiday with plenty of rest to recharge my batteries! But first I need to get through this busy week...

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