Sunday, 1 March 2009

And my big thing was...

I have applied for a 3 month residency as St George's Church in Surrey.
I have no idea if I will get it, but thought I should share anyway.
I do hope I get it because it would be fun if I did. Fun, exciting and useful. 3 months just working on my jewellery! What could be better :-)

And if I don't get it that's fine to, because atleast I tried.


Karin said...

ska man inte bara be då? Får du hålla på med smycken ;-)

Lina said...

Ah borde nog forklarat mera. Ar ett innebonde for folk som haller pa med konst. Tror inte det har varit en kyrka pa lange. Antingen det eller sa haller jag val pa att bli religios ;-)