Friday, 6 March 2009

St George's Church Surrey

Since my last post about made it sound like I was becoming a nun I thought I should elaborate a bit. Also I added some pictures of the church that I found on the net.

The church was built around 1540 and it's looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust and supported locally by the Friends of St. George’s Church.
I don't know how long they have been doing it for but during the summer months they use the church as as workshop for artist, they also do open days with the artists and the public doing art together.

I've applied for this year, 3 months with my own workshop and doing regular open days for the public!

It would be great fun if I got it, thou there is a couple of things I need to see if I can get past first. For example I don't know if they offer any living arrangements or if they could help me find some.

Also most importantly I don't know if they will pick me, I thought I would know by now but so far nothing. If I haven't heard anything by Wednesday next week I will just assume I wasn't picked. Thou I would be quite miffed if they don't at least send me an email telling me I wasn't picked.

I found out about the residency thru Benchpeg
Also the church has a website

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