Tuesday, 3 March 2009


My computer has a virus!
A big evil wont let me do anything kind of virus. Stayed up late last night trying to get rid of it and I definitely seem to have done something but it's still there, lurking...
I can tell by the fact that something still don't work, thou other bits that wasn't working now are.
Hopefully another bot of virus detection programs tonight will fix it, but I really hope it hasn't got as bad as it was yesterday because it was trying to block all my virus programs from running and wouldn't let me download any.
I have sooo much to do but can't do anything until virus is gone. If I don't fix the computer tonight I will call some of my computer geek friends and beg for help, because not being able to check my email is murder! And the only reason I can do this blog is because I am posting on my lunch break. Sadly work computer wont let me check my mail thou.

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