Saturday, 11 April 2009

Pieces I made, post 1.

OK this is me having a stab at my idea about writing about designs I've made.

This is one of my favorite rings. I think the Amber goes really well with the thick twisted band.
I came up with the design a couple of years ago. It actually came about as a bit of an accident. I'd already made the setting for the stone and was planning on adding it onto the setting of a large square piece of Malachite, but then the malachite feel in the floor and broke into loads of small pieces.
So I had the setting but didn't know what to do with it and then I saw one of my silver rings.
Like this one
And thought that might look good with a stone setting. So far I had only ever made this ring plain.
Most of my jewellery is based in fairytales and memories of the forests where I grew up. I'm sure that sounds strange to many people but that's what my jewellery makes me think off. I think the chunky band and setting seems earthly somehow and Amber is after all a piece of nature in itself. I have a vivid imagination and lived in an imaginary world growing up. Probably just lucky that I never got locked up for being a nut job. In fact when I don't make jewellery I write stories, but it's not my strong point.
It's hard to explain but when I make a new piece of jewellery I also see a completely made up person with a made up life that goes with the pieces. Sometimes it's something extraordinary such as a goddess but other times it's someone more likely to walk in and one day buy the piece. If I could draw I would make a drawing of the woman i think off when I look at this ring.
This is probably why I like making small custom jobs. It gives me another perspective when I already know what the person that will wear it looks like and what they are like.

One day I will make the Malachite pendant that I was originally planning to make with an Amber set on it. I think my imaginary person would like both together :-)


Karin said...

ringen är verkligen supersnygg :-)

Holly Wilcox said...

I love that setting! The ring is beautiful! (-:

Lina said...

Thank you :-)