Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Today has been OK

I am tired but content, it has been one very busy week.
Saturday went so so I made enough to cover my cost but someone nicked a pendant so I made no profit :-(
Worst thing is I think I know who nicked it, it was these two old ladies. I don't know why but that makes me sad.
Yesterday was busy and long and things kept going wrong but when i finalyl got into bed I still feelt I'd achived something.
Right now I am looking forward to the private vieuing on Thursday and then a long weekend off. Hopefully i will get to take some pictures and make some jewellery!

On another note, if I don't get internet soon I will go berserk and start killing people!


Karin said...

hoppas att du har det bra. Någon lägenhet ännu? /karin

Lina said...

Jo har eget nu! Allt e OK med mig :-) Hoppas allt ar bra med er dar hemma.

Beadyjan said...

Ohh thats SO annoying when you get stuff you've spent hours making and people just steal from you, I've had it happen to me and its almost enough to put you off selling at fairs.

Love your jewellery.

Lina said...

I just can't belive the disrespect of some people, it's not like I'm a big company or anything. I can't afford getting stuff nicked (not that most people can). Oh and thanky you :-) I'll have to have a look at your stuff too.