Monday, 29 September 2008

Artist meeting

Forgot to say about the "meeting" I went to Friday with some other artist. I was worried they would be a bit snobby and say jewellers don't count as artists, especially since I went to a meeting with a group of jewellers that looked as me like I was a leper when I told them I had a job as well "so your not a REAL jewellery designer then" "just a hobby is it".
Talk about snobby! Just because most of them where well of enough due to having husbands that supported them. I mean seriously!!
Oh and some worked as teacher, teaching jewellery designing which also was classed as OK. So I can't get a job as a jewellery teacher, well sooorrry!
As you can tell I wasn't to happy with the outcome! ;-P

Anyways I went to meet this group on Friday and they where...Great! They where really friendly and helpful and I am looking forward to next time. And there I was loosing my hope in artists, well it's all renewed now :-)

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