Saturday, 20 September 2008


Going out tonight to watch some live music. There are 4 gigs that I know about in town tonight. Most likely I'll go to A.Human because some people from work are going there. Never heard of them before but listened to them on Myspace and they sound good :-).
Only thing is someone is redoing out tiles in our bathroom this wknd so I can see me having an issue with geting a shower before going out :-( How can I doll myself up in such conditions ;-P.

Oh and I missed International talk like a pirate day! What a bummer, I completely forgot about it.

On monday I'm going to London which reminds me, I need to email my cousin and see if she wants to meet up. Gone look at some galleries.

Also work have asked me to stay an extra month at work. I said OK but only if they keep me on the same rota so I still have the time to focus on my jewellery.

Went looking for Brass and Coppar wire today but nowhere seems to sell it! Don't know where to get some.

Oh and now I'm gone go play wth some stuff I made out of resin. Want to see if I can make Jewellery with the stuff!

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