Sunday, 21 September 2008

Yesterday was good fun but the band got cancelled because the electrics blew so they couldn't play:-(
And today I feel a bit worn because I only got 4 hours sleep. But since it's self inflicted I expect no sympathy.

Oh and I wanted to show a picture of this Resin butterfly I've made. I took some pictures because I'm going to drill some holes in it to make it a necklace and I'm worried it will get ruined so thought I better take some pictures first.The pics didn't come out that well. One side I got good pics of but the other side reflects to much when I try to take a pic of was made in a mould and I used clear resin and then mixed some red into it so it became quite a nice effect.

I only got good pictures of what's supposed to be the front but I think I like the other side more. Sadly since I have no good pic u can't see why, but it's got to do with the colour looking better from the back because it sank to the bottom (which is the front of the butterfly) making it clearer from the back.

And now that I have bored you with pics I will go and get ready because I am going out for dinner tonight.
Tomorrow I am going to London to check if some Galleries might be interested in my stuff so please wish me luck! :-)

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