Thursday, 14 August 2008

Work course

Today (on my day off) I have to go to work and do a CV course.
Because we are all being made redundant (unless we fancy moving halfways across the country to the new depo) work is paying for us to do a CV course plus we get paid for being at work on that day (only normal pay, not overtime, but still not bad). So now I have to goand sit thru 8 hours at work *urgh*
I don't have to take the course but I've been told it's good, plus I really hope the can help me with the grade section on my CV. Because all my grades are from Sweden I don't know how to explain the equivalent to the English grades on my CV. Asked loads of people but noone seems able to help.
If it wasn't for that I probebly wouldn't go, especially since I started making a pendant yesterday and want to finish it.
I might not apply for a job, I guess it depends on how well my jewellery is going. I'm quite into the idea of getting a job at a gallery somewhere but I don't think they pay very well. I mean my job can be boring (admin) but I am really good at it and it pays well so if I could find an admin job where I have decent working hours I should probebly go for it. I only need a job until Januari anyway so guess I should just take whatever pays best no matter what the hours are like.
Well time to go!

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