Monday, 11 August 2008


So hello! I have no idea how many people will find this and if the one's that do will find it even slightly interesting.
I'm not new to blogging since I've blogged at other places but that have mostly been posts about normal day to day stuff and never really about my jewellery making.
Now a days jewellery is such a big part of my life and since I am starting to worry about boring my friends and partner to death with talk about jewellery realted stuff, like what I've made and how I'm trying to set myself up and how that is going. I thought starting a blog about the passion in my life might give them a well deserved rest as well as give me the chance to find people that might actually want to listen.
And if no one is interested well then I guess i'll just be sending it out into the infinite www.
I'm sure normal day to day stuff will sneak into here as well but as you can tell by my blog title jewellery is my main subject.
Well I hope some people will find this interesting and that maybe I will find other interesting jewellery people! :-)

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