Monday, 11 August 2008


Today I spent all day working on my webpage. I've taken about 400 new pics of my jewellery and last wek I went thru them all, picked the once I liked and cut them to shape. And today I was just finishig off my webpage makng sure all the links worked and updating my pages as well as adding some new stuff. All was going well until my computer crashed!!! Luckily most stuff was saved but not approx the last 30 min off work that I've done.
You see the webpage is good but the upploading tool they supply for your pictures takes ages when you are adding them to the page. Really want to finish it all thou because it's driving me mad!! I never thought redesigning it would be this time consuming.
i had someone else taking care of it for me before but realised i like doing it all myself. I mean it's hard work but atleast people know they are talking to me rather then someone that dosen't care.
I hate that my mates are moaning at me because I haven't had any time for them lately. I mean it is for a good reason and it's not like they never let me down!
It's just so much to do at the moment. I quit my job at the end of september and moving in october and I haven't got a new job or a new place to live yet! And I really want to work more on my jewellery.
I'm not worried about work thou, I'm a really hard working person and I haven't been out of a job since I finished college so I will find something but I should really decide about were I'm moving to.
Then again got some other things on the go to that I haven't told my family about yet so I'm definitly busy busy busy!
Not that I mind all that much. I like keeping busy :-)
Right will try to see if web thingy is working now so I can finish the bloody thing before I go to bed.
Thought I might post pics from my jewellery exhibion here. Don't know if it's interesting or what...
Well I'll think about it!
Night night

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