Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Thought that since I can't sleep I might as well post some pics from my exhibition. There isn't that many pics though. I gave the camera to my boyfriend and I don't think he got the point. He hardly took any and when I asked him why he said it was because he couldn't see me or the table for all the people.
That's the whole point!! You want pictures of the customers and the more the better.
But by the time I realised he hadn't taken any it was a bit to late so I only got some from the end of the day plus the one's he took of me and the table when noone was around! Plus he took some nice pictures of the buildings where the exhibit were.

This is a picture of the building I was in

This is a picture of the opposite buildings where there also were different exhibits.

And this is a piture of the celing in the room I was in.

The buildings were really old so the had lovely wallpaintings and hangings.

Now for some pictures of people admiring (and buying) my jewellery :-)

And one of just me and my table :-)

I'm afraid that's it. Like I said I didn't get that many pictures :-(

The exhibition did go really well thou. Apparently they had a record amount of people attend the day it was advertised that I was coming! I know that might just have been a coincidence but it's nice to think that it wasn't. :-)

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