Sunday, 30 November 2008


Decided to post some pics of recent creations! Since Xmas is coming I am putting more stuff up on Etsy plus getting stuff ready for Xmas fair.

This is just a bracelet using fresh water pearls, pink and cream. Nothing complicated but very pretty (at least I think so)

This is another bracelet but with blue Sandstone or Goldstone depending on what name you use. It's a lab created gemstone and thou you can't see it in this picture the stones glisten with little sparkles inside.

I really like this one but the pic came out rubbish! It's a silver pendant. I've textured the silver and added bits of gold then done a setting with a Lapis Lazuli.

And I really like this one, plus the pic came out better. It's completely unique because you can't really make exact copies of this. It's a silver pendant base (that I of course made myself) and then lots of pieces of silver melted on top and into the silver base. I guess it's very much a "depending on you're kind of taste" item but it's definitely to my taste (which I assume makes sense since I made it).

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