Sunday, 30 November 2008


Have had a rubbish weekend! Was my B-day on Thursday and I was supposed to celebrate this weekend but instead I've been in bed since Friday with some evil stomach bug. Got a xmas fair next Sunday so have loads to do but instead I've been spending the weekend throwing up! Sorry if that gives u any bad imagery but trust me the reality of it is way worse.
Tomorrow is back to my temp job, which I am starting to Hate, capital H very much intended! If they ask me to come back next year I am saying no. I don't care about credit crunch and paying bills. That place will be the death of me. I am being trained to be on the phone calling people all the day. I used the word trained loosely since the girl training me for some reason hates me! Now I couldn't care less that she hates me but it doesn't do much for my training when I can't ask questions and keeps getting told of for saying things I apparently not allowed to. I work for a accident claims company so have to call up people that's been in accidents all day and ask questions about said accident. Due to legal reasons I need to be careful with what I say but they don't seem to have a handbook and the girl that hates me wont tell me what I cant say until I actually say it and then tell me off (whilst making sure everyone gets told that I screwed up!). I am trying very very hard to not lose my temper and tell her to go to hell, because after all I'm not planning or staying or anything and to start an argument just seems silly. The thing is everybody else is lovely! But what can you do, will just have to keep telling myself that she's just cranky for working on minimal wage! But she's definitely being a cow! And I have been known to lose my temper with people like that so will have to see how it goes. At least I don't have to worry about being fired ;-) She's not the only reason I wouldn't stay thou. Minimal wage really isen't my thing at this age and I hate being on the phone all day. To me that just isn't a job. So this job is a mayor no no. Hope I find something good at the start of the new year.

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