Thursday, 6 November 2008


Oh yay I have work tomorrow and all of next week!
I am bit disappointed in how they called me just before 6pm to see if I could start work tomorrow at 9am. I mean a bit more waning would have been nice! If someone had gone sick I could see it but it's actually a holiday coverage.
Both looking forward to it and not, like I said more notice would have been appreciated, so I could get used to the idea, after all I am really enjoying this whole not working thing.
Plus since i haven't gone to bed before 4 in the morning all week I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.
Oh well, wish me luck for tomorrow!


Karin said...

vad är det för jobb?

Lina said...

Det är i ett kontor och jag tar hand om posten, så inte precis avancerat! Men det duger för en vecka :-)

Karin said...

bättre än ingenting ;-)

Carrie Harris said...

So how is the new job?

Lina said...

dead boring! But I was so good at it that trhey want me back next week but doing something else, so I'm sticking at it for atleast one more week to see it it gets any better :)