Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lazy lazy lazy

I think I am enjoying this being out of a job just a little bit to much. The last couple of days I've been up til 4 in the morning because... well because I can!
Not that I've been terribly lazy in the morning I've still been getting up at 10 which is about as late as I will get up.
I've been to a couple of agencies and I'm not to fussed about what they find me but it's not so many jobs out there so we'll see. Also I've been looking for jobs on the web but haven't really found anything interesting. I'm not worried or anything it's not like I can't afford to be off for awhile I just feel slightly guilty about being lazy!
But all things aside I'm not being that lazy! I've been seeing people that I haven't seen for ages, making jewellery and even been to some meetings that's led to me having some exhibitions next year. In fact I made a pendant I really like the other day. I need to take pics of the stuff I made but it's too gray outside...

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