Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Got home around 18.00. Now it's 20.00 and I have had my dinner, done the dishes, and a load of wash.
wooho! How exiting ;-)
But aside from that I've also been making resin jewellery. I'm really getting into using resin. It's such a fun media to work in and you can make such a vide range of things, or just make things look really different.
Today I was making pieces using glitter. They aren't finished yet since I need to add atleast one more resin layer before it's finished, but now I need to wait for it to dry.

Oh how silly of me! For people reading this thinking what the hell is Resin? Well it looks like plastic and you make it yourself. And you can put stuff in it or colour it etc.
I'm still quite new with resin and is mainly just enjoying finding out what I can and what I can't put in it. Also trying to figure out why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Made some really cool necklaces and brooches with it thou.
Hmm will need to take more pics...


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