Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I have been given two awardes from other bloggers but as usual I am being a bit slow sorting it out, but here comes the first one:

I was given the this award by Cherridwen on her blog : http://cherridwen1979.spaces.live.com/

Do check it out. Her blog is far more personal then mine, probebly making it way more fun to read. :-)

The rules of the award is you make a link to the person that nominated you (look above), add a pic of the award (also above), and then nominate 7 more people, make links to there pages and inform them you gave them an award.

Now I don't like annoying people so if you're nominated don't feel you have to do this. Especially if you're on of these people that are so funny that you get nominated all the time anyways.

Hang-on: A site for artist especially living in the Berkshire area: http://hang-on-artists.blogspot.com/
Carrie harris (ninjas and batman eyebrows): http://carrieharrisbooks.blogspot.com/

Karin (my sister's site all about her life)http://svenssonliv.blogspot.com/

The poisoned apple: http://fright-fest.blogspot.com/2009/01/years-best.htm

And that's all I could be bothered doing. Atleast for now. :-)

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