Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I consider myself an artist. I might not paint or be a photographer but I believe jewellery is an art form.

I was thinking about it thou and I feel that the most amazing art form of all!
Music makes me feel sad when I am...well...sad (and just feel like wallowing in it a bit).
It makes be carry on when things are unbearable.
And it makes me smile when I'm sad (and don't want to wallow in it no more).

Most importantly it make me Happy!
Happy in a way nothing else can. If feel lonely and miserable, music just helps somehow. To be able to create something that can make people feel like that is just extraordinary.

Everything is unstable in life. People we love die or just leave us but all thru history we seem to have been making music. It's constant, and ever changing and reliable. Everything that's contradicting rolled into one.

I've often wondered what would be worst, to go mute so I could never sign again (I always sing along to what I'm listening to, albeit badly) or to go deaf and never be able to hear another tune again.

I think that if I went mute so I would be able to listen to the music and would have to feel that overwhelming desire to sing along but not be able to, that would probably drive me insane eventually. But if I could never hear another song again. Well that might actually kill me!


Elisabeth Ingram said...

Jewellery is an art form, and it makes me happy too! Sometimes it's too easy to forget why you are doing what you are doing with your life (if that makes sense..). To be happy is it.

I love the joy you have in creating, and share it and understand. I enjoyed reading such a fabulously optimistic - and heartfelt- blog post. Thankyou!

Good luck with your jewellery and sketching! Lis

Lina said...

Thank you :-) I belive that everybody has smething they are good at, something they would be passionate about. I also belive most people never find that special thing. I feel lucky that I found mine. Which I'm sure u do to :-)