Sunday, 18 January 2009

Oh buggery!

Been working all week, when you work and you get home all tired and you still have to do the cooking etc it's hard to keep up with making jewellery. So try to have small jobs that I can either do quickly or easily. This week I've manily been doing resin peices. Been trying mostly to make brooches and it all looked well until I took them out of the moulds. For some reason the bottom layer (which is the front of most pieces) have ended up cloudy on a whole set of pieces.
So nothing to do but throw them away...
If you look closely at the pic you can see the cloudyness I'm on about, especially in the flower and the butterfly!
Luckily not all the pieces I made had to go into the bin, just the once above. I'm still trying to figure out what did it.
I think I either didn't mix the resin properly or mixed up the amounts (I do always seem to use to much hardner). Or it might be the vaselin I put in the mould to stop it from sticking (you are supposed to, I didn't just put some in for the fun of it ;-)).
But I'm already trying again!
I've also bought more glitter today so that all my pieces don't end just looking purple & gold. Also the reason they have so much glitter in them is beacuse I was making brooches and didn't want the brooch pin to be visible thru the pieces.
Oh and just for randomness I added a picture of where I sit at the dinning table making Resin, it's the best ventilated room in the house so it's better to use then when I normally sit. I try to not take up to much space. Oh and yes I am using the hammer that you can see in the background. I'll let you guess what it's for thou.

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